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for CADETS #1: So We Meet

8/30/2001 c14 Carl
I must say that so far the story is one of the best that I have read on this site. Not only is it entertaining but it also funny and informative. Keep up the writing cause I can't wait till its finished.
7/26/2001 c1 Anonymous Freak not signed in
Love it! I'm putting this on favorites (when I get back on my account, that is...) I liked the way you wrote from Karla's view.
7/10/2001 c15 12christinaleighjones
keep writing please. i really like it. i found hardly anything i thought was unreal... everythin was well thought out
7/10/2001 c13 christinaleighjones
if other kids had been there before, how did the aliens not kno about lunch? very good story tho. i am loving it.
7/10/2001 c1 christinaleighjones
cool wanna keep reading... fun fun
4/25/2001 c1 3Megz
pishaw, my friends! Please read this! I know a bunch of you were before, well, I've revamped it and added the next chapter. I'd really hate to lose my dignity by kneeling to beg you people...^_^

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