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for Life and Death

9/19/2008 c7 9Galinda-girl
I'm sorry, I hope I wasn't to harsh before b/c I really do like this story, and this chappie was better w/ character development^^ Can't wait to read the next one :)
9/19/2008 c8 2Ai.Wun
Aah its so good! Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/26/2008 c6 V.S
real good! a few spelling mistakes here and there, but really good! and is her name pronounced lee or lay? i've heard it both ways and spelled leigh...thanks! keep writing! i wanna read on!
7/11/2008 c6 9Galinda-girl
Nice story here, really creative. Just quickly, I think you should give more of a character to Leigh b/c all we see now is this scared, self pitying person and I know there is more to it than that. Keep writing^^
4/30/2008 c1 2OscarMango
keep writing
4/24/2008 c5 30tomorrow0
Finally an update... keep going!

~~ 안녕!
4/22/2008 c5 mystic.fox
This was a great update. I can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon!
3/22/2008 c4 0tomorrow0
That last paragraph was creepy... update soon! And I like the name you chose, Marion Thorne. How'd you come up with it?

~~ 안녕!
3/21/2008 c4 mystic.fox
I can't believe she escaped...that was pure luck! I can't wait to see what happens next.
3/19/2008 c3 0tomorrow0
That guy is some sick wacko person... killing is an art? But anyway, nice... the chapters are kinda short, but that just might be because I'm used to super-long ones. I'm not saying the chappies must lengthen, but just commenting. Do whatever works for you as the author. :) And maybe the sidekick person has some secret tricks up his sleeves, no?

~~ 안녕!
3/15/2008 c2 mystic.fox
Very intriguing story. I can't wait for the next chapter, update soon.
3/13/2008 c2 0tomorrow0
ooh... what happens next? Poor girls...

~~ 안녕!
3/12/2008 c1 0tomorrow0
Wow, chilling. But nothing super bad is happening cuz it's not rated M, right? Anyway, great start - please continue this story!

~~ 안녕!
3/4/2008 c1 4arwenfrodogurl
My word. The conversation at the end-"You still like your women blonde?" It froze my blood.

Chilling, sickening, and fascinating. Please write more.

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