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3/23/2008 c2 4morganelena
I'm sensing that this is based off of your life?

Haha, just a guess?


It's good so far.

But hey, here's an idea.

Instead of solely basing this off of your life, why don't you throw in something that's completely NOT your life? Know what I mean?

Because as we all know, if I wrote a story based on MY life, it would be THE MOST boring thing in the entire world!

Not saying that this is boring by any means. This is a cute idea.

But why don't you throw in something completely out of the blue?

Oh, and maybe the chapters could be a little longer? Because we've only been given two chapters and it's only summed up to 103 words.

I'm not bragging at all, but normally the chapters I write are 5,0 words long. That's about ten Microsoft Word pages in 10 point Times New Roman. :D

But that's also the reason why it takes me months at a time to update. So if you're one of those people who is extremely keen on updating quickly (which I completely look up to you for, then) then by all means, write however much or little you want. :)

This is all merely constructive criticism. I know you would do the same for me.


But keep it up, Emmy Pooh Bear. x]
3/5/2008 c1 Lola Summer

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