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for missionaries

11/26/2015 c1 Guest
Missionaries were responsible for millions of deaths as they brought diseases into populations with no immunity. What kind of a sick god would advocate that? You really should get your head out of the bible and stop believing everything the extremists in the christian church tell you. Its a form of radicalisation and you dont even realise it. Wake up.
3/7/2008 c1 5Volleyball-beauty

This was an amazing poem!

I am a Christain and am believing for the nation of India!

This poem brought tears to my eyes. I have a calling to be on the mission field.


Keep writing and b blessed.
3/6/2008 c1 fleur de l'est
Must be grateful that they got to me, and I'm now part of them. =D
3/5/2008 c1 166openmouthblues
A few small problems. There's no punctuation here. (Aside from the apostrophe's.)

There're some rhythm problems, but not very many.

Even though it's a nice poem, I'm not really a fan of missionaries. I must ask...do you believe that missionaries are saving the world from hell? Why impose a religion that is not natural, native, or needed onto a civillization that's perfectly content with the religion they have? I mean, aside from Jehovah's Witnesses, you don't see Muslim or Jewish missionaries, out on a quest to save the world from hell, or whatever they call it. It's usually a thing in other religions, aside from Christianity, that religions other than their own are ok. Let other people believe what they want.

So, yeah, they leave their families, and they're brave to go into places like Iraq and Sudan and Iran, but they're stupid as hell for trying to impose their religion and beliefs on someone else. Christians hate it when they're exposed to any other religion, so how do you think they feel?

Sorry, this wasn't meant to be a rant. Just thinking.

All in all, a 6.5 out of 10. It's got nice imagery.


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