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3/9/2008 c1 Julius Gillian
One thing I appreciate about this poem is the fact that every word has its place in this poem, which leaves me with the impression you have a very fond love for this poem.

The lines with three words seem almost too much, almost on the borderline of too much for the rythme to feel complete but it comes off very nicely, except for maybe the last few stanzas; it sort of unwinded into something kind of unnatural to me.

The other thing I appreciated about this piece is how simplistic it is but carried layers of hidden meaning, like an onion you peel only to discover a more exotic fragrance. Beautiful.

My favorite part is the ending, you introduced love to the reader and told us in my opinion to question, and it felt to me like we should continue our paths to better ourselves and live life to the fullest. Easier said than done right? But I like the mystical touch flavored in this piece.

I really have nothing but praise for this piece, except for the chinks in the context I mentioned that I felt.

3/6/2008 c1 46aberlemno
I love the flow of that :)
3/5/2008 c1 22Alice Faraday
This is a good poem. It has a simple, short rhyming scheme and good diction. Very nice. Refreshing to read.


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