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12/27/2010 c10 2completeandtotalrandomness
I'm really liking this, are you going to continue it?
3/19/2009 c10 Laureina
This story is very nice. I love it a lot!

I can't wait till your next installment!

Yours truly

8/2/2008 c6 teethandlungs
Okay I have a feeling I've read this before. And it's possible I have. It's also four in the morning. So it's possible that I've read this before at some other obscure hour of the day awhile back and didn't remember. I had this feeling at the back of my head like this story was familiar and then I got to chapter six and...now I'm...so bloody tired and I have...three hours to sleep and...gah. I want to keep reading but I can't. I read the first six chapters like VROOM. So I just thought I'd tell you it's lovely so far, despite that I possibly already read it once...or twice...WHATEVER I'm reviewing now and that's what matters, right? ;-; Anyway, I'll review again when I get to the end. Which will be after I go to sleep and wake up.

God I need to stfu.

Peace easy,

7/29/2008 c10 4TheArtOfBeingMe
Oh my, things start to get very intersting in this chapter! Me likey ;)

Good chapter, as always!
7/28/2008 c10 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
still great!

and rather hilarious in places as well :)

please update soon!
7/26/2008 c10 1Kneecap
Well that was...explicit O_O.

xD. I can't remember if I asked for it or not :D. I like how Amelie has more than one side to her, and I wanna know more about her :D.

I get the distinct feeling you like writing about sex *narrows eyes*.

Nothing major to criticise, just a couple of tense mishaps.

But...it felt JUST A LITTLE BIT (don't kill me) like you spent too much time on the less important aspects of the chapter (blowjob) than on the more interesting parts of your plot 9like the showers and Amelie).

Still loved it though :D.
7/24/2008 c10 10zomgnessa
aww i like this chapter =]

tis amazing

update asap
7/23/2008 c10 treewalker
yayy! omg avery's right. edmund is perfect!

great chaptter! cant wait for more!
7/23/2008 c10 17Cattails
Hm...I'm still suspicious of Edmund...maybe because he seems like too good a guy? I don't know...I still think he's up to something! Especially with Gabe acting weird... Who knows? XD I guess I'll find out eventually... Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/23/2008 c10 3Nicholas Scott
oh how I'm so completely enamoured with Edmund and Avery. I just love them. Avery's tentativeness is so endearing. Edmund's want to pleasure. They're so beautiful together. The innocence of it just makes me smile. They're just lovely together.

What's this "good chpater" will suffice crap. If I see good chapter in one review, I'll have to send heat sinking missiles in their direction. :)
7/18/2008 c9 10zomgnessa
this is, if possible, almost as good as your other story =D

update update update =P
7/16/2008 c9 17Cattails
I am greatly entertained by this story ^^ I think it gets better as it goes on :P But I keep thinking Edmund is up to something...eh, maybe I'm just paranoid. Avery's adorable, though :P It's a very cute story ^^
7/14/2008 c9 30Pretty Rad

More please?

Pretty Pretty Pretty Please?
7/12/2008 c9 1CharismaticOutCry
Dear MisterScotty,

I'm so glad you decided to continue this story, it makes me incredibly happy. I absolutely just adored this chapter! It was long by your standards and just a delight! Update soon!

-I'm so creative, yeah?

7/12/2008 c9 1Kneecap
Tired. Dead. Dying. Sucky review.

It was hot in the showers, and I loved the drama with Gabe at the end. Meh. Chemistry teachers and gym coaches should never get that close to each other; ew.

I sleep now.
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