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for Until the darkness comes 'Special Edition'

6/27/2004 c1 17noche
Uh, nevermind about the corpse thing. :| I need to pay more attention to detail.
6/27/2004 c2 noche
I like how you mention some of your other stories in here :) I take it his wife isn't really a corpse, but it's the way he perceives stuff due to the violence? Unless I'm totally of track :P I liked this story.
2/15/2004 c2 26Endless Nightmares
Loved the setting, description, and detail.
You have a creative mind. Your word choice was excellent. I liked Sally , because she was a great character.
You should continue to write some more horror, I think you'll have some good ideas for more horror stories.
Whispers In Silence
2/15/2004 c1 Endless Nightmares
Nicely done-
Quite a huge paragraph- I liked the great descriptions, and detail.
Graphic, but a good read.
Keep it up!
Whispers In Silence
4/11/2001 c1 41Willum
That was just down right spiffy, though I was expecting something completely different from the ending. Nice one, Deacon.
4/9/2001 c1 dEmEntEd signed review
hah..dat wuz..strange..good though..in a weird way
4/9/2001 c1 aznangl627 signed in
okai. i dint geht it til da end.. hell.. i still dont geht it.. but i lyked it...
4/9/2001 c1 FunkiMunki
this story freaked me out from the beginning

but when i got to the end and you said "the man slipped under the covers into the arms of the rotting corpse of his dead wife" i just froze

how shocking

this is the best ive read in a long time

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