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for Just Because I'm Not Athletically Inclined

1/15/2009 c1 Icyfire4w5
Yup, I love this poem. Some sporty people in my school can be really bad sports. Yeah.
4/9/2008 c1 9ThisThingCalledLife
Oh My God! I absolutely cracked at the last 3 lines (which was rather awkward because it wasa deadly silent study hall and I was supposed to be doing Biology). It's amazing!
3/12/2008 c1 12whatmakesyouthinkthat

you certainly know how to make someone laugh.

"And never, ever mock someone who has a large, heavy paddle,

And who is close enough to

Bash your brains in.

3/10/2008 c1 2Love Trend
Loved it, gym isn't exactly fun for me either, the exact same thing happens to me - except they aim the balls for my butt. Haha, keep writing. :)

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