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for The Incarceration Of Guinea Pigs

12/3/2010 c3 4Jane P
aww i really love this story and i know you haven;t updated for about two years, but it's really amazing! anyway even if you don't continue, it was great reading :D
12/3/2010 c2 Jane P
hahah i love lilly's pov! it's so funny, keeps sending me into hysterics when i read the convosations between her and jude! oh and also wanting to know why they hate each other so much.

anyways, another great chapter!
12/3/2010 c1 Jane P
this is seriously one of the best first chapters i've read! great idea too and i love your writing style! anywho, loving this story so far :)
3/23/2008 c3 2Millilicious
I found this chapter particularly entertaining. I'm not sure if you meant it like that, but you should take it as a compliment. I particularly liked the part where every ten or twenty minutes Lilly had to remove some part of Jude's body from hers. And, of course, when she pulled him off the bed completely. You should continue, and bear in mind the fact that you have at least one reviewing reader. :-)

3/23/2008 c1 Millilicious
This is a good first chapter. It has humour, as well as a varied vocabulary. And, of course, plenty of ways to expand into a story.


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