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for The Sun Rises

6/21/2001 c1 1lcm
eveangle a.k.a Sarah i think if its not you oh well k umm thanks for the peom i think you didn't tell me you didn't like it because you don't like the poem dose that mean you don't like me oh well it probly doesn't matter much anyway soooo i remeber you showing me this one and telling me it was about me i don't think i read it right then god am i really like that anyway you didn't post your e-mail so i can't e-mail you so i think i'll just right bull i'm in a bull mood you know after mum taking me out of school cause of the fight thing i have an interviwe tomorrow at footscray city
4/21/2001 c1 21the goddess of the underworld
why don't you like that? i think that it's really good! you are on my favorite authors list! (and that's an accomplishment) keep writing!
4/20/2001 c1 Idas
I like the conflicting views in this. They seem to give the poem balance. Good work.

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