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2/4/2010 c1 Icyfire4w5
Haha, I appreciate this vignette because of its twist. By the way, I've experienced something similar in a shopping mall before. Gah, I'm prejudiced against men who sway their hips while walking-they look like women!
6/14/2009 c1 30gabijaluvs2rite
1/25/2009 c1 2CiaoMonAmi
Oh man. lol. See this is why I don't like guys that have long hair! It so easy to confuse them from the behind...haha :)

Good job. I love it.

I love how you used "you" I thought it gave it a moral personal touch. :)
11/15/2008 c1 esmeralda
lol, that was great. Short and sweet, brilliant.
5/25/2008 c1 4Imalefty
straight from the review marathon! (link in profile)

ahahaha, that was so funny. XD it was totally unexpected... i definitely thought you were talking about a girl. XD

it was weird, though, how you used "you" to talk about the man. i can see where it was necessary, but... still. i think you could have used "she" and it would have been okay. at the end, maybe it could have been "she was a he." or something. XD

anyway, good job. keep writing!

3/12/2008 c1 Lets Play Russian Roulette
lol that was certainly interesting

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