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12/22/2009 c32 11Liveey123348
after looking at the many great reveiws that got me jelous lol tee hee! I got to reading this book you created and I think I can say that you definatly deserved all those wonderfull comments and reveiws! you are a fabullus writer and I hope one day one of your stories fall out on the market because I know one person who would buy em! (points at me) this girl thats who! I will continue to look at your stories too!


12/12/2009 c32 25Kt of the Bugs
hum, i like radus!

wait, scratch that, i LOVE radus!

but stefi can have him, she needds him.

when kilara was mentioned and maya goit all sad i felt like crying again...you;re so mean...making me cry...


you're finally getting somewhere with tehs story! jkjk!

but yeah...anyhwo...keep up the good work!

i can't wait for the next one!

oh yes, wish me good luck!

end of course exams are next week and i'm terrified...so...luck wishin?


sorry i haven't been on lately...
11/13/2009 c31 Kt of the Bugs

new chappy up so soon!

i'm HAPPY!

good job!

though...i wish it didn't have to lead to war!

but hey, it's better this way...but i still don't have to like it!

anywho, keep up the good work and i can't wait for the next one!

go rajahk!(heh)

-the bug is out!
11/11/2009 c30 too lazy to login this be Kt

a nice, simple poem.

or is it supposed to be complex?

i dunno, but i digress.

very nice!

to me it feels like it's coming from stefi's pov, but i could be wrong.

i tend to be...anyways, i'm working on drawing stefi!

but i never feel good about how she turns out...keep working!

oh yes, i have a deviantart accouint now: YantotheDragonSlayer

check it out!
11/10/2009 c30 3The True Dreamer
Sounds mysterious! Reminds me of what's happened in Crepusculum with the towers. Is someone going to awaken? Kind of sounds like something aweful yet wonderful is going to happen! Can't wait to find out!
11/10/2009 c29 The True Dreamer
Hello again! It's been a long time!

Now,down to business. I really liked where the story is going! The 'return' of Saum was really exciting! Love it! Also I am so relieved to see that Stefi finally has a interest in man...Feretos! Whatever, it's great and I hope you keep it going! I'm so excited for her! But I do wonder about Cedes' past and of her father. I'm thinking Cedes' 'removal' was probably due to her enormous powers. Just a guess though. Just one problem about this chapter...you had spelling errors. Not a big problem, just wanted to give you the heads up!

Anyway, the mention of Rajahk's name makes me really miss everyone as a whole. I hope this comes into progress soon! Nice job!
11/6/2009 c29 25Kt of the Bugs

i've been banned from fp for so long...SORRY!

the part where stefi messed up her name cracked me up!

i love Kei-Tyama...heh

oh yes!

can you give me a detailed description of how stefi looks?

and maybe cedes, cause i don't feel like going back in chapters to look for it...

well, first you have to give me permission to draw them...oh yeah!

and i drew Polar, look at my profile pic and you'll see it, the top part was kinda..chopped off and some stuffs missing cause of how it was drawn and formatted, but i think it's still pretty good nontheless...

love how ifaut gave samsonis a first name!

and nice choice too, Saum...how do you pronounce it?

i don't want to do it wrong...

i'm a bit stuck on the next chap of SoaN...sorry...i'll work hard on completeing it!

i'll understand if you give up on me...*cry*

but anywho, good chappy! cannot wait for the next one!
9/11/2009 c28 3The True Dreamer
Hello there! It's been a while.

Anyway, good chapter! I still can't believe they just left Rajahk to die. But anyway, the nerve of that Alzandian kid welcoming Cedes like that! I guess with a greeting like that, things are going to fall apart again...But I hope everyone ends up together soon, I miss the group as a whole. Anyway, I think a recap chapter would do wonders! Go for it^o^
8/15/2009 c28 25Kt of the Bugs
you eneded his chapter well!

i liked this line(or two):

‘Why’s that? Her resourcefulness?’

‘No, the way she was always so full of hot air.’

i made me break out into little giggles.

i also liked how samsonis likened ifaut unto a smell.

how sweet.

i can't wait for the next chapter and i'm planning on working some more on chap 6 of SoaN!

so be ready for it sometime!(dunno when)

-the bug is out!
8/10/2009 c27 3The True Dreamer
Hey there!

First off, I really enjoyed this chapter! Truthfully, however, I thought the beginning of it to be a bit confusing and wordy. There were also words I had to look up(which wasn't the problem for me, I enjoy the dictionary very much!) Anyway, I really was hooked on the end! My gosh, how the tables have turned for Stefi's destiny! I really wasn't expecting such a turn around and must say I really enjoyed the disturbance of it all! I know, Pishti has lived for a long time, but how on Feregana does he know so much!...I guess someone has to,to keep things going. I also liked that you involved Keet in all this, I really enjoyed the cross-over! Anyway, Great job on this and I can't wait to read what happeneds next!^o^
8/7/2009 c27 25Kt of the Bugs
hum, i liked it.

bit confusing in some parts but likeable all the same!

good job!

-the bug is out!
7/30/2009 c26 3The True Dreamer
Hello there and sorry for the delay!

Wow! I like this! Though there was so much mourning, this chapter was captivating, especially the part with Ifaut, Samsonis and Kardin. Man! That was so dark and mysterious, I just loved it! And Stefi and Cedes not even taking the time to look for Rajahk? I thought that was kind of unusual for the both of them. They both simply excepted his death. But I guess there are bigger things to think about. I can't wait to read what happends to our heros. I know you are on a haitus, but I can't wait for you to update!
7/16/2009 c26 25Kt of the Bugs
wow, that was a good chapter!

so smasonis is like bipolar?

or split personality?

huh, te plot thickens...didn't know it could do so even more though...heh

good job!

will Stefi just continue to hold the ferrets?

is she waiting to go home in able to bury them or something?

so many questions...can't wait for the next chapter!

-the bug is out!
7/10/2009 c25 3The True Dreamer
Yea! Gemmie and Maya are alive! This was a rather interesting chapter! Nice work for it being just the ferrets. This Pishti guy seems like an interesting character as well, along with Aegentus. I wonder what adventures Pishti were apart of and if he knew any humans and Feretos like Gem and Maya did? His story should be very interesting!
7/1/2009 c24 The True Dreamer
Another chapter bits the dust! Anyway, I'm SO glad Samsonis and Ifaut are alive! YEAH! That was just too much death for me for one day. And Ifaut sure is a trip I tell you that much! She may be a Feretos but she otta know what the limits are atleast...poor Samsonis. But it's still sad to think of Gem and Maya, that they don't so much as exist anymore. How does that happen? How does one just disappear? There has to be more too it! Hopefully there is, but if not, I pray those two rest in peace. And I also liked the intensity of Stefi and Cedes. I thought that was very well done! Though I was shock to find that Cedes would go that far as to breakdown the way she did. Nice job!
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