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8/14/2014 c1 Visigor
Wow, what a great plot twist! Im really amazed of how the nding turns out:))
12/27/2012 c1 7Dandy352
That was sweet :)
7/5/2012 c1 Why Do I Need A Name
i like it!
12/29/2011 c1 yesiamanonymous
Ahh! This was a great oneshot. I don't see how anyone could find this confusing in the slightest ... It's just Leila having a vision about Owen marrying Candance, she returns to the present, and confesses to him. If only that could happen in real life and we would be able to tell what would happen if we didn't choose the right path. Great job once again! (:
5/3/2010 c1 3AmeliaRivers
I loved it. It took me some time to get that the first part was a vision. But after that I just got myself immersed into it. Great Job.
10/24/2009 c1 2akaCHEEKS
i would feel guilty also. but then again. they had a chance to get together and she didn't take it. so this is just mother nature's way of telling her that she has to risk it this time or else she'll lose him.
8/13/2009 c1 TheyCallMeCliche
I don't understand the concept. Does the plot work backwards? Or how do you start with them at his wedding day and then end up with them together? It's very confusing to follow.
7/26/2009 c1 10what a wonderful phrase
Cute story :)

I didn't exactly understand the plot and the scenes were a bit confusing, but it made me smile.
6/10/2009 c1 5annoyance
Very nicely done!
5/20/2009 c1 20groundhog591
Aww..this was really good. I loved it!
2/21/2009 c1 1Cuaima
2/9/2009 c1 13blurrylights
This was really good! I don't totally get what time frame the middle part came in, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Good job! :)
11/21/2008 c1 19toffeecakesxox
Aw, SO CUTE! I was nearly crying in the beginning, but then, yay!
6/21/2008 c1 manutdmad
loved it :D
5/28/2008 c1 3Meganekko
Very Creative! The beginning got me, it reeled me in...I have a thing for angst-ridden, tortured first love. It's great!
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