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for Caller Unknown

5/3 c1 Guest
Aww. That was so cute! Loved it. Thank you for sharing your story with us :)
4/12/2021 c1 mssarahadams057
The writer is so talented. You can publish you work on NovelStar App and earn big time. Also, I am sharing your book in Facebook to help reach readers.
10/5/2018 c1 13Shailaputri
7/1/2018 c1 Guest
Wait... So he's a sexual predator?
11/19/2017 c1 Geneva Torio
It was wonderful and magical. I fell inlove!
9/10/2017 c1 Guest
Super cute!
9/10/2017 c1 Guest
awww this was really sweet to read. good job!
12/18/2015 c1 justme
Second best one shot I have ever read my entire life.

I'm curious.

How do you people do it?

I'm jealous.

This is a fantastic one shot. Glad I came across it.
11/5/2015 c1 annayh44
Ohmy did he really left it on purpose ? Haha yeah I really like it
3/22/2015 c1 Guest
THAT WAS SO CUTE and I see we both share a love for messy brown hair, haha. Amazingly done!
2/15/2015 c1 Bahati
awww :-P
2/2/2015 c1 69Shadowswept
This was so much fun! It's true that it's easier to talk to strangers who can't see you, so they naturally skipped over the stilted getting to know you phase and admitted that they were bored and wanted to be entertained. Her excitement about his angry calls was due to it being something out of the ordinary. The ending was pure fantasy, and that's why we read romance stories. Very enjoyable story.
11/14/2014 c1 bluebottles
Amazingly funny story with instantly likable characters. The phone conversations were...classic.
9/15/2014 c1 CoolReader
Can you please make this longer and actually make it into a longer story. It will be AMAZING! I loved it!
And in the longer story, they don't reveal themselves until like ten chapters and then they meet but they don't realize who each other area once voices through phones sounds a bit different. But when they become friends, Alana can like give the phone number of the phone she found and Jonathan would recognize it or something. And boom! There you go an outline of the extension of this story. PLEASE WRTE IT! You can do whatever you want with the story but please write it! It will be GREAT!

the coolest
9/1/2014 c1 Guest
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