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10/3/2008 c1 3Master of the 4th Dimension
OH MAN! Im so sorry for not giving you credit! IM SUCH A BOZOHEAD! Going to do that right now.
10/2/2008 c5 Agent1022
Hey, Timemaster? Agent here. I'm using some of the stuff I contributed for my new (technobabble) wiki. Since the writing is right now copyrighted under your name, I'm legally bound (I think) to tell you that I'm using some material that I orginally wrote and put up on the BSGF and then you collected together(with our permission, mind you) and finally published.

And now to the actual review.

It's very well written, although it could be a bit more organised, and (let's face it) maybe a little better grammar. But you're not Wopper, so I'll let it slide. And I also don't see any credit to all of us who contributed on the BSGF, hmm?

P.S. Please come back!
5/16/2008 c6 5Lolly Tolly
I was a little confused by some things, but after re-reading it all, it amazingly makes some sense... Inquiry: Could I run for President of the 5th Dimension? Pleeaase! Also, please update soon!
4/11/2008 c5 Lolly Tolly
LOL! I am so stealing some of those to use on my friends! :) Please update soon!
4/3/2008 c4 6Rock Livez On
You are amazing. This is SO FUNNY! This is like rolling on the floor trying not to pee yourself funny. Amazing job. Q oh clock is my favorite so far.
3/31/2008 c4 5Lolly Tolly
XD The first definition - Finallypage4 - totally applies to me! XD Please update soon!
3/30/2008 c1 1Amaya of the Rain Tigers
this is HULARIUS! yes, i think it is very cool. u have a briliant mind. well, ttyl and cyl!
3/27/2008 c3 5Lolly Tolly
Cool! It's like I can feel my vocabulary expanding everyday! lol.
3/26/2008 c2 Lolly Tolly
LOL. I like all the phobias. Please update soon!
3/26/2008 c2 6Rock Livez On
I LOVE IT! Completely and without a doubt awesome and one of the funniest things I've ever read! Wonderful job. Do you mind if I use some of these words?
3/26/2008 c1 5Lolly Tolly
Are you taking suggestions cause I have a few.

1)Mleh-(mluer) put at the end of an insult.

2)Bak-(baach) said while pushing the person insulting you.

3)Injurized- the state of being injured.

4)EGABDED- (EE-gab-did)a synonym for the exclamation, "Oh, my goodness!"

I like your dictionary! Surely there are many words out there that are yet to be put into a dictionary. But brave pioneers like you are doing it for indolent so-and-so's like me! XD Please add some more soon!

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