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for The True Story of Cinda Rella (AKA Cinderella)

1/12/2005 c1 16Amethyst Eyed Cynical One
wow.this is really really good.well done.
7/19/2004 c1 Spriggi
WOW that waz great. r u going 2 turn it in2 more of a story or no? Well keep up the good work.
4/7/2002 c1 1Razzmatazz
hey! i liked this story better than the real Cinderella! good job an dkeep up the good work! -Erin
4/9/2001 c1 1super gumbi
that is sooo good! i want to know more! i like reading different cindy stories:)
4/9/2001 c1 7Kathryn Angelle
Ah! Where's the rest? Want more, now! And there's a Fairy Tales section under Books where this could be, if you wanted to put it there, but I think it's probably fine where it is.

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