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for Dream About How I Will Let Go

6/4/2008 c1 39Dahlia Wolffe
You! +laughs+ Well... you have impressed me. We Tarantino fans... As far as blood and sex +thumbs up+ no good script should be without it. Makes me wanna post my yakuza script... gotta read more. (if you get the chance, i could use input for my new story "Tensho").. I'm off to read more! Ja!
3/29/2008 c1 26PNEK MEKS
Yo! First... props for still writing and not having given up on this place.

Second... It's been forever! How are you?

Third... I always love your writing. I'm sorry I haven't had the time to read and review lately though. College can do that to you. It's hard for me to follow in a script format, but I think I got most of it pretty well. Very little speaking, but I believe that would help it. Love the angels and the action was beautiful. I could visualize this. Perhaps not the characters themselves, but deffinetly the action.

Keep writing. And say hi some time if you see me.


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