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for My First Kiss and Other Tragic Tales

7/16/2015 c1 Izzy
O.M.G. when you mentioned the hottie's hypnotic blue eyes I nearly ripped my shirt off! 3 3
4/23/2010 c23 Dance Your Heart Out
Love it so far . Write another chapter soon please ? :)
10/31/2009 c23 Saasha.Ree
you have to update soon,, its been awhile :)
8/6/2009 c23 10-ancient-greece-rocks-0
I LOVE THIS STORY! I love how the characters are so blind and the way you write makes it sound like its really happening to real people right now!

this message was brought to you by the sometimes random genius of...


(piece for your thoughts- "you're only as sane as the voices in your head" By- ME!) (came up with it today)
8/5/2009 c23 21rosieroo
i cant believe shes just his cousin! i agree with liz, what a let down!

cant wait till you next update!
8/3/2009 c23 kimbadewey
Poor Liz. She seemed so pathetic and hormonal this chapter. Does she usually swear that much? I found the GD swears especially harsh. You captured well a teen girl's angst. FYI, "deluded" is when you are deceived or delusional, whereas "diluted" is when ice melted into your drink.
8/3/2009 c23 1Marissalicious
Oh my gosh! It's 4:30 in the morning and here I am just finishing this! It's so interesting(: I just couldn't stop reading! I really hope you put the whole thing on here :(

I don't know what I would do if you just left me hangin,haha! This is really great...update soon,please!
8/3/2009 c1 rayboston
Well to be fair to Ryan, he did order French Toast at the *International* House of Pancakes.

French Toast is international, isn't it?
8/3/2009 c23 Perfectly Mythical
I love you to pieces for wrting the wonderful story!
8/2/2009 c23 4xActDanceWritex
Great chapter! I love Ryan! He's so cute and cool! He reminds me a lot of my brother Ryan. It's weird. OH! Miranda's his cousin? Really? :D YAY! Update update please!
8/2/2009 c22 ghurl00
Oh. the mysterious girl from ryan's past. getting all twisted now!

cant wait:)

update soon:)
7/30/2009 c22 kimbadewey
Your sense of humor comes through strongly in this chapter. The description of family dinners was very funny. Not sure Liz would have actually relaxed when Ryan kisses her ear. You need to watch spelling (receipt) etc. I love reading your stuff!
6/21/2009 c21 21rosieroo
great story! i cant wait till the next update.

theres one thing i found that didnt make sense: a few chapters ago (i cant remember when) Ellen and Tom ditched Chelseas party to go for their 5 month anniversary, but then three days late you said they had their 6 month anniversary... yeah..

anyway, i love it still!
5/19/2009 c21 ghurl00
ryan is such a sweet guy:)

he's like every girl's dream type of guy.:)

great story so far.:)

keep it up:)
4/22/2009 c21 kimbadewey
Nice chapter though I didn't realize she'd left her house and gone to school for a couple of paragraphs. Maybe I read it too fast.

As for spilling your drink, as a family member I doubt I would have told you to learn how to drink but I most certainly would have laughed. :P
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