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10/25/2012 c1 heal me forever
dat was LOVE huh i can feel it good one :)
10/3/2008 c1 24Ravina
I thought I reviewed this one before...guess not...

This was written in such a unique way, and that made it very good!

- Rebekah
5/15/2008 c1 3Colie Rae
Well you went for it and it's definitely different but I think it would be stronger if you had developed their personalities more solidly through their thoughts. I didn't exactly get a solid feel for either of them.
4/20/2008 c1 airen
w0w... you are right... This is a totally different story... Nice one...^_^
3/31/2008 c1 7hotcheri
wow,over romantic!that was the cutest story i ever read!please tell me u'll do some sort of sequel to it, i adored it!
3/31/2008 c1 18found.eventually
So simple yet so nice. That was good. :)

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