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for The Nightmare Hunters

5/12/2008 c2 18GRAYTEXT
Another great chapter. The opening is well written, and I like that Eric wakes up to a pillow.

Two things:

“Than hold your nose!” should be "Then hold your nose!"

And is it Claudian or Clouse? He begins as the former, but ends up the latter. If Clouse is a nick name, then the narrator should probably still refer to him as Claudian.

Otherwise, wonderful job, and I look forward to reading more.
5/1/2008 c1 GRAYTEXT
This is an unusual sort of read, not for the subject, but for the lack of character description. On the one hand, putting in an exposition in the beginning would take away from the excitement. I liked the beginning very much. But on the other hand, if Mara and Eric aren't exactly human, are there some subtle differences in appearance, stance? I think you could find time to describe them during the waiting scene in the hospital without taking away from the action at all.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this chapter, and I look forward to future ones.
4/1/2008 c1 Punksheep
I completely agree with the review under mine. I wish i knew a bit more about how the nightmares effected people and why it happens and whatnot but i guess that will come later one?

:3 ill be watching for more.
3/31/2008 c1 3Nine Elements
This was a good read. The opening seemed abrupt to me at first, but being thrown in to the story like that turned out to be a good thing after reading on.

The characters had pretty strong voices and were quite easy to imagine, even without descriptions. I personally find it difficult working without them, so seeing a story work without them is nice.

The concept was really well done as well. The way they worked with nightmares as if it was an everyday 9 - 5 thing came across strongly and made it a lot more believable.

I'd liked to have seen a bit more of their enemies and what they were actually preying after, but if this is ongoing I'm sure I will. Even if it isn't this was still a nice in and out insight into a really interesting world. The ending with the storm ending as they fell asleep was a little expected, but still exciting nonetheless.

If this is ongoing, I'll look out for future chapters.

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