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for Five Times He Saves Her and One Time He Doesn’t

4/14/2012 c2 ChildCalledSilence
I feel nothing but sympathy for poor Robbie. Even though he says he will not linger on 'What ifs' you know a small part of him will always wonder until his last breath.
4/14/2012 c1 ChildCalledSilence
Wonderful job. So sad and beautifully written.
10/14/2008 c2 1Maida
Wow, this is dark, and powerfully emotional. It's really good.
5/26/2008 c2 girl-in-america
No! You made me cry again! It was really well written and everything but blah...now I need a tissue.
4/23/2008 c2 10CaFFy
4/23/2008 c1 CaFFy
It kind of reminds me of this time I posted seven ways I might die over the course of a week. o.O;

It's um... interesting.
4/23/2008 c2 Sarah
This is really an outstanding story. One of the very, very few I choose to review.

In my opinion, you are almost overwhelmingly precise with the suicidal thoughts and detail. It really impresses me, and in a strange way, makes me smile.

Your story really tugged at my heart, and that's difficult to do at the moment. Thanks for sharing it.
4/23/2008 c2 NovemberFawkes
Aw, I loved this. Very well written. The Epilogue was a real tear-jerker, but I kept my self together :)

4/22/2008 c1 8heartfeltlove
This was really good!

You portrayed dani's feelings very well!
4/7/2008 c1 SMALLwhitelies
Bullet to the Head - what was going through my head. I review for joo! I liked it, dunno why others don't review. Then again this is ficpress and no one knows about it.

On another note: STEP AWAY FROM DEATH'S DOORSTEP AND TRY TO FIND SOMETHING WORTH WHILE IN LIFE. It may take a while but I know that something is out there. And I don't mean aliens.
4/6/2008 c1 3Bandgeek111
I think it's very well written, considering you wrote this at night. My favorite is the alcohol poisoning and the electrocution. Each section seemed to be delving into all the possibilities of a human mind at its worst.
4/5/2008 c1 girl-in-america

But Robert obviously loved her. Isn't that enough to live for?

It was great, but a tearjerker.

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