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for The Bard's Dream

5/13/2008 c1 8beadlety
This is an amazing poem! I think you're brave to even consider using something with meter. It's so difficult! I especially like the use of imagery and the story-like quality that the piece gives. It's almost like reading one of the epic poems like 'El Cantar de Mio Cid' from Spain or the Odessey.
4/19/2008 c2 3Baticul
It is hard for me to review this poem, considering it is one of my favorite poems that I've read on this site. This displays such a magical, ethereal feeling. You have such a wonderful gift of imagery. Meh, I'm rambling. In conclusion: I love it.

4/4/2008 c1 Baticul
This is a beautiful poem. The imagery is amazing. I loved how you described the village of magic.

Keep writing! :-)
4/4/2008 c1 Jason
Your imagery just keeps getting better! Do you feel like the meter guides the subject, or the other way around? It sounds like they're in harmony in some places and discord in others. Good luck continuing the story!

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