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for A Billion Dollar Catch

4/29/2011 c23 nicaaaaa
Aww this chapter is so sweet and I really think that song fits the wedding :"
4/29/2011 c20 nicaaaaa
Love the chapter I was laughing like hell!
12/9/2010 c19 Ifsa
I love The Pharoah, it's one of my favorite rides at the fair! Also, I really like this story, it's very interesting.
11/14/2010 c24 1QuirkyDebutante
Love the story ..
8/16/2010 c24 Crazy-Reading-Chick
oh my gosh. i love this story, and you're right it is depressing that it ended... so i was wondering if you would consider writing a sequal?
2/8/2010 c17 Sarah
It is really great.did all this stuff actually happened in real live to u?
2/8/2010 c11 Sarah
This is so good plz don't take it off
1/6/2010 c1 1writinglover419
Seems neat. Out of curiosity though, do you really like the name Michelle? I only ask, beacuse I just finished reading another of your stories with the same name in it. I was just curious, and it is a pretty name. :D
8/28/2009 c1 7WindLessNiteZ
aw another nice and cute story ^^
8/6/2009 c24 1deceitful.dreams
good story, but i wish the plot was a little more thought out.
7/28/2009 c24 35SeaJade Song
so sad its over but it was amazing
7/28/2009 c6 SeaJade Song
love it
7/18/2009 c23 2whitecrayons

at the beginning rocks(:


nice story

5/31/2009 c24 ghurl00
i lavv the ending and all! but i hope you could have prolong it though..

more of caleb i guess...

anyway, i lavv the story:)

keep it up:)
5/29/2009 c1 missymaa
Wow. This is a complete, and poorly written, rip-off of Em Wolf's original story. You even had the audacity to use "Keegan", the name of Em Wolf's main male character.

Grow some originality, or atleast give her credit for the plot and depth, as well as personality, of the characters. Your story pales twenty shades compared to hers.

- Missy Ma.
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