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for World Chicken: How Snobs Happen

2/29/2012 c2 16Long Island Iced Tea
I love Irene, I really do. She's just adorable and so funny.
9/14/2011 c12 pterodactylion
Is this story over? I can't tell.

This story is complicated, numb...simple, devoid of emotion all at the same time. I find it fascinating how Irene doesn't show any emotion at all, and when she does, it's shallow and nothing really hits her hard...it's hard to explain how I feel about this story...Irene says she was offended when Cutty implied that she was incompassionate, and her adoration for Iris is clear; but it seems as though none of these feelings really make up her personality unlike emotions or tolerance normally do. The whole style of writing, the 'how' you write, seems all the more important because it's in a first person perspective, so her train of thought is all expressed through your writing. I know I'm probably telling you everything you already know since you ARE the writer...but I get this feeling that this story draws out different responses from everyone. It's interesting and I like it.
10/8/2009 c10 2into the black
I really love your style of writing and humor. You blow all the other writers here out of the water. Also, your characters are fricken amazing! They're just too cool for words, yup. Is World Chicken going to be a series kind of thing? Anyways Irish is the shiz. He's my favorite character so far. Second is La Cervical cancer because his nickname is super funny and he's an enigma. Anyways I hope you will update soon
8/2/2009 c10 covertwatch
i honestly love irene. her personality just speaks to me; i find it interesting how she can portray such an unaffected persona and yet be so insecure. anyway, her humor is an exact replica of this one girl i know...it kinda makes me wonder if you know her, too. lol. hope to read more :)
7/3/2009 c3 8maddeningly.mad
"Sometimes I want to rip off Paul's eyelashes and paste them onto my face"

No joke, I've said basically those exact words before, except what I said was more like "I really wanna rip your eyes out and put them on my face" because I really like my brother's eyes. XD

Anyway, awesome writing, I can really relate, and Irene sounds completely awesome. ^-^
12/18/2008 c10 fagmuffin
asgdajhakjgfrhej! your story is amazing! i get the tingles inside when i read it.

You are amazing too.

i lvoe irene.

i love rowen and iris too.

jesse can eat muh dick though!
10/3/2008 c10 CandleQueen
Your description of the race was excellent. I was sorta wondering if all your knowledge of it came from personal experience, or if you had to look the info. for drag racing up?

Anyway, I hope the guy who crashed is okay. =[

Good story so far, looking forward to more!

10/3/2008 c9 CandleQueen
"...even though I ignored ()im, he kept following us around until I got fed up and invited..."

Forgot an (h).

I think it's a bit sad Irene doesn't care more about people, just in general. But then again, I guess that would mean that she could no longer be the insensitive, say-whatever-she-wants Irene. Good writing, as always.

10/3/2008 c8 CandleQueen
Okay, I couldn't find any corrections in this chapter. God, the prayer part was just weird. -_-;
10/3/2008 c7 CandleQueen
As far as the chapter title is concerned, "Phone Call" is supposed to be two words.

"We are going to practice, our routine."

"You guys, must be desperate."

You don't need the commas in those sentences.

lols, Can't believe La Cervical cancer called her on the phone. Creepy, much? Poor Irene...
10/3/2008 c6 CandleQueen
Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. School/life is getting in the way. Anyways,

"Dude, what are you doing."

Missing a question mark there.

Funny as always, and the thought that her brother was gay had me laughing out loud.

9/6/2008 c6 10holiday road
[Should I Know This Person Already?]

the most important mode of all hahaha



Irene's voice is so obviously THERE in everything she says. It's nice to see a character portrayed that well.

Holy shit I thought he was gay, too... close save.

And i dunno if you intended to do this, but that guy at the WC place made me think of Roman (I hope I remembered the name right =/)
7/12/2008 c2 2Anatomical Liberation
Heh, I did that to my hair once... but it was only blue, green and purple XD Anyway, can't wait for updates
7/3/2008 c1 8monster dia
another one of your great stories, and now i'm itching myself in places i shouldn't itch. that's how excited you make me feel with your words. & there are a few typos in the fifth chapter, but it still doesn't dull the gloriousness of the piece. can't wait 'til you update.
6/26/2008 c5 10holiday road
ppsshh obnoxious story my ass. Your modesty pisses me off. If [God forbid] you reach that point where you can't write anymore then just message me the ideas in your head 'cause I love it and will gladly soak over them till I'm satisfied and have paulgasmed six or seven times.

I love the 'gay parade' description, and "Gothic Lolita One and Gothic Lolita Two". And "dyke" chin lmfao... and it's funny that you made fun of emos/goths and their slight monotony. They can be hard to differentiate. At least you could identify different genders, though; sometimes that's the first obstacle.

"Reina le Fatty" is awesomeo.

That little dialogue about being 'real' with the emo kid made me laugh so hard... I swear, I RARELY read stories where they properly satire that bullshit noncomformist hippie-ish idea that a lot of people have nowadays.

"Hot Topic code" FOR REALZ if you write about these emo/goths/whatevers being in a bookstore in some other chapter, then you might as well be making a documentary. and i guffawed at the acne part.

[It rippled hypnotically] - funnyfunnyfunny

and I like the glare-down she gets from La Cervical Cancer. LMFAO SHE POKED HIM IN THE NIPPLE

["Jesse. Go out with me or I'll kill your parents."] - that's smooth...

[smugass smugly cat] - nice

and wtf Paul came outta nowhere lmfao that's nice.

Aww why's she crying...? I know it'd be nice and dreamy but if she actually does have a crush on her brother... dayumm that's sorta awesomely whack. or maybe mr. cancer is getting to her. lmfao nevermind
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