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4/28/2008 c3 jyska
Cute. Very cute. I like how she seems to be a regular enough girl, but still her own character. And she's not THAT mean. Sometimes it seems all you can find are angry/angsty girls, but I like her.

I had to check out your story when I saw 27 reviews for only 3 chapters. Maybe now someone will be like, 'holy cow, 28 reviews for only 3 chapters?' and come and read it. lol, anywhom, keep going, its a fun and well written read!

4/27/2008 c3 2brilliantfusion
:P :D :)

i love maxim's and ang's personalities and the fact that they're artists. and the way you write/handle the naked thing.

your dialogue is awesomeness :P
4/27/2008 c3 LethargicLove not logged in
By the "Oh, you'll find out soon enough," did you mean to intimate that one of Max's siblings will show up in the middle of Angie drawing? That would be beyond embarassing. Hahahha
4/27/2008 c3 24stargazerlost
haha Their race up the stairs was hysterical, especially his reaction to her challenge. Wow, I'm really impressed by how confident he seems, I would never strip so that an artist could draw me, though he was a little nervous until she spoke. I'm curious at to why he took such an interest in her in the first place, but I guess I'll find that out later on. I can't wait to see what happens next, and whether he'll be satisfied with her drawing.
4/27/2008 c3 28woodstock1969
Aw, no details? This might sound creepy, but I want to know what Maxim looks like in the nude! I wait with baited breath, my dear.

Wine and rose petals? Wow, he's totally trying to get some. At least he's doing it in a romantic way. Wine, rose petals, and an art studio would make me melt in about ten seconds. :-)

Update soon!
4/22/2008 c2 Cocoa Jamboree
So cute! I really enjoyed this chapter too. Can't wait for Saturday to come. ;) Does Maxim have any brothers? How about Andre? ;))
4/22/2008 c2 8PandasAreCute
haha, I love it. Bless Maxim not wanting to draw the naked dude, although I would have expected him to like take the piss at first, and be like...I don't know...'oh haha you want me to draw him?' because of his personality, but he panicked quite a bit. But it sounds rather traumatizing too so still makes sense.

=) Hope you update soon.
4/21/2008 c2 28woodstock1969
Ah, figure drawing of total strangers. Such a fun activity. At least it sounds like this Andre fellow was decently attractive. I've only drawn nude men twice; the first was a guy in his late forties (awkward as ass, let me tell you), and the second was the first uncircumsized man I've ever seen (not that I've seen that many naked men), which was kind of...creepy? I don't know.

Anyway, great chapter. Maxim seems to be a bit uncomfortable with his sexuality, considering that he couldn't deal with drawing a naked guy. I'm not suggesting that he's gay, of course, since that would sort of invalidate the entire romance aspect of the story. Okay, enough rambling. Update soon!
4/21/2008 c1 1trust me. trust nobody
ahh, love it! can't wait for the next chapter, hope it comes really soon!
4/21/2008 c2 5moonwalkerAspen
Yikes. That guys a weirdo! Hehehe... This is going to be a fun book! Can't wait to read more!
4/21/2008 c2 1Jevanminx
Oh he does play with her head doesnt he. I love it 'recreating Titanic' heheheh, that was good.

4/20/2008 c2 HeyAyashe
OhMyGawsh! I love love love this story
4/20/2008 c2 24stargazerlost
haha Maxim really did not want to draw Andre's "junk"; poor guy, that must have been a real shock. This is a really interesting story, especially since Angela is pretty cool to read. hahah Now I'm curious as to why he wants her to draw him, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
4/20/2008 c2 g
This line got to me "My house, Saturday night in my gala upstairs, the maids will show you where it is"...he has all of that,a gala? Really?
4/11/2008 c1 1R. A. Yultivan
Wow. The plot is really original! Plus the story is well written and a great length chapter wise. I can't wait for the next update!
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