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5/20/2009 c8 help911x711
I love this story. It wasnt what I expected which is a very good thing lolz

But the sad thing is you havent updated for almost a year o.o

Please update!
4/10/2009 c8 2abc123 chewy
i read romeo and juliet as a freshman...

it doesn't seem like

whatever grade their in material
4/9/2009 c7 shecanread
Quit taking forever :(
4/9/2009 c8 Younowhoim
Please update. It has been 9 months!
3/5/2009 c8 11Flaming Skys
Hot damn

This is awesome and I hope u update soon

1/14/2009 c8 shecanread
12/8/2008 c1 6A.K.A. Writer's Block
11/23/2008 c5 1smellgoody
wahahahah i love the pulsating python thing! funny chapter!
11/9/2008 c8 cerulean sea
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story.

Damn! It's like... hot. Good chemistry. Hahahaha.

I hope you plan on updating soon. This story's a keeper. :]
11/6/2008 c8 9j.c-chic
10/21/2008 c8 Alicia
5 months! fucking update!
9/29/2008 c8 1Audra Hornaday
I like it. You've taken several of the well played cliche's: love lessons, romeo and juliet, art girl/popular guy and twisted them to make them interesting. I still like that we don't necessarily know Maxim's motives yet. Was it a bet, or does he really suffer from poor little rich boy syndrome. Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/26/2008 c8 AubriannaKnight
I dxon't read many of these non supernatural stories, but this one is good. I think that Angela should explain one of the reasons for not having sex with him, as being because she doesn't want to do it with someone who she barely knows and who doesn't love her.
9/10/2008 c8 1ValuedOpinion
Hey, where've you been? It's been over two months since your last chapter. Anyway, I really hope you plan on continuing this story, becuase I absolutely LOVE it. :D btw, if you aren't planning on continuing it, could you let me know?
8/30/2008 c8 1Demeterr
Cute story~
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