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7/7/2008 c8 4Lorango911
OH awesome update! Ha Ha i can't wait to see what they get themselves into!
7/6/2008 c8 2brilliantfusion
it was worth the wait :D

i love this sweet side of the story.
7/6/2008 c8 3Essevera
hormonal story. but hey! entertaining haha :)
7/6/2008 c8 OoohLookACat
ooh im intrigued and slightly addicted

maxim - was he purposely named after the magazine?

or was that coincidental?

either way i love it

it's funny, its romantic - its well written

and i love it

can't wait for more

7/6/2008 c8 FlowerNinjagurl101
funny story!
7/6/2008 c1 JaseyxRae
They won't let me review ch. 8 twice so here I am reviewing ch.1 to tell you this.

I felt so bad about that SKoW mess up that I decided that you deserve tobe nominated for something else :)

So I nominated you for "Most Memorable (Incomplete)" but I have no idea if they'll ACTUALLY EXCEPT IT (*cough*bestchemistynominationmess-up*cough*). but they'd better! ;)

So good luck, I hope that works out (unlike that other nomination. -ugh- i feel so bad about that)!
7/6/2008 c8 JaseyxRae
I feel so horrible!

I knew I shouldn't have told you until I was sure the nomination went through but they'd gotten too many nominations for "Best Chemistry" and just completely disgarded the extra nominations (including my nomination for you). So you were nominated by me but they didn't put you through b/c there were too many nominations that they didn't even judge/read yours before discarding it.

I'm so sorry! I feel so bad :(

This chapter was great, I wish you had made it, I know that if they'd actually read the story then you definately would have made it to voting!

this is a great story, so hilarious and cute :)

I feel so bad about the SKoW thing!

Again, I'm so sorry! I didn't know they'd do that :(

Forgive me? :(

Great chapter, btw! Maxim is so funny but that little heart-to-heart thing in there was pretty cute too. Even though he's such a manwhore I love him :)
7/6/2008 c8 2SecretFeelings
Wow... just wow... Update soon. seriously
7/6/2008 c8 4BabySamurai
you need to update, please! this chaoter is pretty soft compared to the rest, almost intimate and informative. It's a little sad, then funny at the professor penis part. It's so good!
7/6/2008 c8 Sungrowsflowers
Love this story, a ton.
7/6/2008 c8 sew.what32
i just now nominated you for most memorable in the SKoW awards!

i hope you win!

because this story is very memorable!
7/6/2008 c8 sew.what32
i absolutely love your story!

i cant get enough of it!

i did take you a long time to update, but when i saw that you posted another chapter up i was jumping up in my chair, from the excitement of reading the next chapter!

anyways, i dont know really what maxim and angie are, close friends that just make out or more than that, like boyfriend and girlfriend! i really hope they end up together!

and i hope that it isnt a sad ending...

7/6/2008 c8 3CreativeChick233
update soon

7/6/2008 c8 1Zinala
this is absolutely amazing.

i cant possibly find words to fully express how much i've enjoyed reading it.


cant wait for more

7/6/2008 c8 14demented cookies
awesome chapter! um...i don't really know what to say about it so...awesome chapter!
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