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7/6/2008 c8 dust and glitter
Aw, this story mixes humor and lonliness really well- I didn't think that was even possible, tbh... Nevertheless, it's really well written and emotive though makes you laugh the next second. I love it. Absolutely love it :)

Update soon!

7/6/2008 c8 3emotionless-stares
Aw... they're going to teach each other huh? I hope you update soon! I mean, they really make a cute couple.
7/6/2008 c7 emotionless-stares
Lol, it's like a love and hate relationship huh?
7/6/2008 c8 atreyu love
cutee, i think maxim is adorable :DD

& angela is too.

that moment where they were both vulnerable

was cute :D lol

7/6/2008 c8 DELETED ACCOUNT 10212019
I'm really enjoying this story. I loved the interactions between the characters in this chapter, and the plot seems to be moving along nicely. Good job and keep writing!
7/6/2008 c8 2teegan
its really good cant wait for more
7/6/2008 c8 1Jevanminx
Hahahahahahaha she's going back to his house again, hehehehehe. Gotta love Maxim.

7/4/2008 c7 3CreativeChick233
update son
6/30/2008 c7 4BabySamurai
i'm hyperventalating without a bag close by. I love this story so much and at parts I thought I was going to wet my pants. Update as soon as you can. I want to know who opened the door. Hopefully this story doesn't end in sad suicide like romeo and juliette. I think it's great that you add their lines, too, because it makes the story a little more personal. I am now a faithful reader of this beloved story!
6/26/2008 c7 JaseyxRae
this story is amazing :)

I love it sososososo much, it's hilarious

I nominated it for SKoW "best chemistry"
6/21/2008 c7 1ValuedOpinion
eh where are you? i absolutely LOVED this chapter! I bet it was super fun to write. such an awesome idea, by the way. anywho, im so excited to hear what happens next, so you should update! PLEASE!
6/21/2008 c7 MireMoor
agh!Why did it have to stop there!Guess I'll just have to wait!
6/19/2008 c7 5I Murder on Impulse




6/17/2008 c7 DELETED ACCOUNT 10212019
I really like this story. It seems as if some people have been complaining about how unlikely it is, but I like the strangeness and originality of the initial plot.
6/15/2008 c7 Resplendence
I found this story randomly but I'm glad that I did. I wasn't sure how this story was going to pan out but so far it's been a very entertaining read. The paint fight was brilliant, I can't wait to see what happens next.
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