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6/14/2008 c7 2brilliantfusion

:( cliffhanger. but i am enjoying the suspense :P
6/13/2008 c7 CandaceNLee
That was one of the funniest things I've ever read. Amazing chap. Can't wait for the next one =]
6/13/2008 c7 Teegan Lee
really good cant wait to see what happens next
6/12/2008 c7 theslykit
oh please hurry with the update! :D
6/10/2008 c7 4sew.what32
you absolutely possitivly have to update this story soon or i might just go crazy with suspense! :)

i love this story!

and how romatic making out, covered in paint!

please update very soon!
6/10/2008 c6 sew.what32
he sounds so perfect here! so romatic and sexy...

funny story, when they said that they were listening to norah jones - come away with me, i actually went on youtube and started listening to that song as i read it because i wanted to get the full effect..lol

anyways..awesome awesome chapter!

they finally kissed! :)

and i really hope that he doesnt go back to his bad-boy image...
6/10/2008 c5 sew.what32
yes you definately should read twilight it is amazing!

and i liked this chapter...i just want angie and max to finally get together.. :)
6/10/2008 c7 8PandasAreCute
I love it, they are having like this secret escapade, and just...

they like each other but wont admit it.

I suppose it's silly she ended up hurting him, but who knows, he should forgive her, so he's being stubborn now.

I wonder what'll happen, they'll probably have detention for like a month! lol. Or more.

I wonder who will catch them too. Plus since Maxim is popular it might go around the school in like 2 minutes.

Update soon!
6/10/2008 c4 4sew.what32
what a sexy chapter! :)
6/10/2008 c2 sew.what32
love this chapter!

i love the part where he says they are going to recreate titanic...genius!
6/10/2008 c1 sew.what32
oh my gosh i love this story line..haha

its so different!

i cant wait to read more!
6/10/2008 c7 1Jevanminx
Hahahahahaha, an excellent chapter, even if the beginning started sad. Loved the paint thing, truly awesome.

6/10/2008 c7 cocaine girl
this is so sexy. wow i would love to have acrylic kisses with someone!
6/10/2008 c7 maidengarnet
Well, maybe she has more class than to have sex on the first date, but she should be way more pissed by the fact Max treated her awful because she didn't put out, as opposed to the fact he showed up with another bimbo... I mean, that's why she didn't have sex with him, yes, the fact he goes through girls like tissues and is actually SHOCKED that she wanted him to stop? I mean, the bimbo thing right after he went for her, totally sleazy, and it should not be forgiven by his wounded feelings over 'rejection'. Rejection is when he tells her, 'I really care about you' and she laughs at him or pats him on the head or something, he does not get to have injured feelings because she did not PUT OUT. After all, he's rich, it means even less when he does a fancy dinner than a normal guy... and did she not notice his butler was apparently familiar with this routine of bringing girls on board and bedding them? Man, she should either write this chauvinist off, or get him some therapy for his belief that he has self-entitlement to women. No matter how easily you get laid, you don't get to throw a hissy fit because one has self-respect... he knows she's not some loose school slut, yes? So what made him think she would sleep with him without AT LEAST being declared his girlfriend? She got the 'secret friend' thing right... one of MANY things she should be angry about as she searches for someone ELSE to be her boyfriend. Man, this guy gets by with a LOT... bout time someone tells him where to get off without fighting with the conflicting desire to forget about it and make out with him -.-
6/9/2008 c7 4writer.of.stars
What does carina mean? Is it just a pet name or does it actually have a meaning in like Italian or something lol?
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