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6/27/2016 c15 AbyssScript
It's a cute ending and a wonderful story. Just one major problem I can see.

I don't mean to be offensive, but I think you should seriously consider rereading the entire story to make some edits. With the amount of errors I noticed in your piece, it's tempting for anyone to close it down and move on. Not to mention that a lot of them are so noticeable that you should have caught them before publishing.

I know I'm being rude, and I'm sorry for that. It's just that with all the errors, sections of various chapters become seriously difficult to decipher. That in itself brings down the experience.

Regardless of how good a story is (and let's face it, you seem to be pretty darn great at making them), the overall potential of a story and the value of it is lessened when you have poor spelling and grammar. It's especially harder to internalize the words when you have to go out of your way to decode them first.

Throughout this story you have expanded my vocabulary a margin, so I know that you are a smart person capable of producing work that is publishable in both the idea and the execution, which is why I wonder how there came to be so many mistakes that showed through. So I ask you. Please fix the mistakes. Then there would be no denying your wealth of talent.

Thank you for your time.
8/3/2013 c15 jerrellsgirl112606
I loved this you are a great wrighter keep up the great work.
5/7/2013 c15 alchem
A great short story. If you would have continued it would have become a soap opera. The end point was good. I enjoyed the characters and the writing style. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing.
4/20/2013 c15 Terras1fan-inactive
So frickin' adorable.

I wish there was more to this story, but I absolutely love Archie and Isobell. I think you could easily beef the story up more, and as much as I love the ending, I wish it gave us an epilogue or something. They are just too cute together, and we only got a chapter and a 1/2 worth of adorable couple-ness. It would have been cute to see them doing an interview, going to a premiere together, or maybe a few newspaper article clips we could read about their relationship progressing?

What can I say? I just want more Bell-Archie time. (;

Regardless of my desire for length, I am glad that you didn't make his ex a complete cliche female villain-wanting her ex back and sabotaging his current relationship. It still irked me that she existed though. She seemed entirely unnecessary to the story and could have been removed, if not for the chapter 14 phone call mishap. Thus, for you editing of the story, I say that you should beef up Helena's character. She seems very one-sided like a Mary Sue villain, and people aren't like that in real life, ya know?

Keep writing,
1/31/2013 c15 adoralicious-o
1/6/2013 c15 Mihoro
When I first saw how long the last chapter was I was worried about how it would end. I have to say the ending works really well, for the story and the characters. I don't feel that it was rushed and in fact found it to be an enjoyable read, thank you for writing it. :D
11/22/2012 c14 1DuchessYappingDog
Hum, dude. First order of business. Either get new locks, or get a new apartment. Don't need that stupid ex coming around anymore. Also, I feel like she has forgotten the phone call answered by Helena.
11/4/2012 c15 Bookworm67
Great Story! It did seem a bit rushed at the end so maybe you could do a closure one-shot? Just a suggestion! Loved it!
10/21/2012 c15 8Jo Suzuki
Loved it! Suchacute story! :') Although, Archie and Isobell really have me begging for more! xD Sequel perhaps?!
10/17/2012 c15 Saydie
Aww, I actually really loved the ending. (: I loved it just as much as I loved this story, as well. Great job with it!
10/16/2012 c15 6Carmel March
Yayyy, wonderful way to end the story. Absolutely adorable and the last line was perfect. Thank you so much for writing this. I enjoyed every second :)
10/14/2012 c15 1funnechick
10/13/2012 c15 deepsealife
this is so sweet! i loved the work in this thing. the Misdial part takes the cake any day.
10/12/2012 c15 Lora
I loved it. But I do think an epilogue would help clear up some things. Especially the entire situation concerning Helena. It would be nice to get some closure on that.
10/11/2012 c15 missyb1988
I think it seemed to drag to the build up and then rushed at the end but I enjoyed this your a good writer :)
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