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for Love?

6/3/2008 c1 1shayna cale
Hey! Some interesting points there. But seriously, "teenage love" is their theme? Seriously? Is there such a thing as teenage love? I think it's just an illusion or rather infatuation masked as love. I say this because I'm an adult and I still have no solid concept of love - the romantic kind, that is. A teenager's limited experience of the world would automatically limit their experience and understanding of romantic love. So I agree that the usual, boring 'romeo and juliet' stories are not gonna cut - especially whenyou writing style is anything but ordinary and boring! But you know that a teenager has a pretty good idea of other forms of love - that of siblings, parents, family and friends that ultimately shape their concept of romatic love and dictates their attitude and perhaps success in findin and keeping it. (gasp! sorry -very long sentence). So what if you try that - what relationships shaped your character's concept of love! Hope you can use any of the above! Good luck! I look forward to reading it soon.
4/21/2008 c1 3m1randa
Impressive for something written in one minute. Or perhaps just generally impressive. Your take on teenage love is interesting if not a little over-complicated. In saying that love is a confusing topic and i think you make many good points. :)
4/21/2008 c1 10FUjiwaRA AyuMi
You wrote that under a minute? I wished I had the ability to write that! It's quite good, expressive but like you said, not enough to go anywhere (feeling of incompletion), and also similar in concept to mine that you'd reviewed (and that took me 30 minutes to write and all, oh the envy). Nice work though. Good luck with your competition and all the best!
4/21/2008 c1 9DreamSweet
It was interesting reading someone's POV on love. Can't say I agree with it. I think love's more simplistic than anyone gives it credit for being. You're right there are a few errors, but you can always edit those out.

Anyway interesting read. Maybe I'll check out what you add to it later.


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