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for The Seas Of Fallen

2/10/2009 c10 uponatyme
"If you hadn't been, I wouldn't be. Consider this my thank-you for that." Riveting. These are the best few chapters yet. I'm glad you finally have a direction, readers will certainly feel it. The story itself is wonderful, from a technical standpoint I'd be careful with your tenses, they switch back and forth in some places. Otherwise, terrific. My heartrate went up while I was reading, I was truly pulled into the story. I applaud you.
1/8/2009 c6 uponatyme
Sleeping soundly, eh? That bit made me giggle. I love that just-missed-meeting moment you set up between Evan and Aelia. It's so heart-wrenching! I really like that you're moving the POV around, so the reader gets a taste of a little of everything. This one chapter isn't just focused on one person, so we get to see some Evan, some Aelia, and some of what is going on with Sebastion. Can't wait to read more~
10/13/2008 c1 Grace1o9
hey I love this story its called the seas of fallen i'm I right and hey I love this story and hey please update soon because I think that you are a really good author and i wish that you can have a real book publish one day and hey um i think this is to much to ask but I hope that is it ok with you if you can check out my story sunset by grace1o9 ...

and please send me a message some time and I'll send you one once and a while ...

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