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2/11/2010 c7 2Lullaby Street
ooh my god this is such an interesting story. Funny as heck, I'll give you that...but missing something. Wanna know what? the ending!

I like all the characters, even Trace for being funny in a very mentally challenged way to say that. It was just...hilarious. This whole chapter, in fact, is hilarious. All of it, the whole story.

Hhmm. seems the coffee is dying out.

Bye again
2/11/2010 c6 Lullaby Street
hahahahahahah I love Jack. He may be way, and in my head the way is extended in the a and in bold letters, so...way too concious of what people think of him and his cool self, but he's still funny as heck.

You write a mean guy. In case you're not aware, mean doesn't literally mean mean as in rude, but mean as in good great yada yada. yeah, so you write a pretty good version of a guy, not that I'd be able to judge much on their thoughts cause I'm not like them, but it sounds about right.

Hhmm...coffee is getting to me.

2/10/2010 c2 Lullaby Street
this was cool. I like how its from both perspectives, its a new and different sort of way of telling the story.
2/10/2010 c1 Lullaby Street
weiird...kinda not your normal story but I think Ive come to the conclusion that your stories tend to have some weirdo plots. So yeah. interesting
3/11/2009 c7 2Mayflies
'All of my front parts were touching all of his back parts, and he was just totally calm!'

That has got to be the most brilliant line I've read in a while.

spanx muchly :)
3/10/2009 c7 Sherlockian94
possibly my favorite story of yours. fucking a.
1/31/2009 c7 2Sarahj259
haha cute!
1/28/2009 c7 3Venus Smurf1
HA! Freaking hilarious! Especially that last line. I just love Gemma. I pretty much have started reading through this story whenever I'm having a bad day, because it's hard to stay annoyed with life when I'm cackling over Gemma's antics. This story is just...well, as I said, freaking hilarious. I love you. I really do.
1/21/2009 c7 21Faith Adeline
Good job, I liked it. Laughed my booty off when she fell in the pond. Keep it up and update soon!

1/20/2009 c7 8lunacy and literacy
oh so good. i can feel the tension.
1/20/2009 c1 4LittleMissProcrastinator
Ooh. This is very intriguing. All of your characters are interesting in their own way, and the plot is moving even in the space of the first chapter; you have great pacing. I'll have to read more of this later.
12/13/2008 c6 Happy Birthday
I like how most of this is funny and sort of unapologetic, but sometimes you have these really vivid, emotional descriptions. Keep up the good work.
12/13/2008 c6 Annabeth
I'm so glad I stumbled across this scory today! I think all of the peoples are just so funny, and I love especially how jack and Gemma think. Please update soon!
12/5/2008 c6 21Faith Adeline
I liked this chapter, though there were some errors. Just make sure to proof-read before you post. I can't remember exactly what, just that there were a couple. Hope you have good birthday! Keep it up and update soon.

12/5/2008 c6 7gulistala
She thinks Jack is cheating on her? This is so weird. What kind of a relationship does he have again?
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