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1/29/2015 c13 lovelygracey
hmmm not satisfied with this ending. a weak way to close it I think. and with the way you set the story up the entire time, I was waiting for something big to happen. nothing really happened. to be completely honest, i'm really disappointed with this ending.

1/29/2015 c3 lovelygracey
this is adorable
6/9/2014 c13 FlowersBite
great story !
4/6/2014 c13 allancaldera
I hope they continúe being a couple as they are both too cute together. Cute and humorous story.
1/8/2013 c13 miyabita yami
12/27/2012 c13 BlackFrost123
...Wow, how much coffee did you drink? I think I'm going to drink some too! It's like, I'm going to have a mind full of rainbows and unicorns. But, rainbows and unicorns are too girly, and I don't want anymore contact with a unicorn other than in my bed...

Well, anyway, I'm going to drink coffee, the one named Kopiccino or something like that, 'cause it doesn't taste bad and it tastes like chocolate! Wait, why am I rambling? Mango infected me with icky Mango germs!

I'm still giggling... I blame you for this.

Anyway, yeah, I guess leaving your readers in a cliff-hanger is the best way to end a story rather than prolonging it because that would just be boring, and a boring story is sooooo BORING. Well, I really like Mango's ramblings though, it makes up a lot of the chapters anyway. And your writing, I really like it! Even though it's random rambling! Hooray, randomness! YEEEEEEEEY!

...but I still don't like cliff-hangers.
12/21/2012 c13 GrimNight
Great story, read it all in one sitting but am slightly confused. iin the first chapter Mango was 17 and had blue hair but by the end he was 18 ( with no mention of a birthday ) and had pink hair (with no mention of dying it) but other than that i really enjoyed this story Mango was hilarius
7/15/2012 c1 1SmileyfaceGurl
I laughed my ass of when I read this. I'm in love with mango.
4/14/2012 c13 TheMusicIsEnough
OMG I can't believe how freaking hilarious this story is! I just LOVE it to bits! Mango is just awesome and who couldn't love Tuesday? Such a great story, well done! :D
4/13/2012 c12 5Don'tStopMeNow
My other review just cut off. O_O

But anyways, I loved the beginning and how the story was progressing, but the ending seemed a little lacking to me. I think it was because I was really hoping for more about Mango and Tuesday's love. :)
4/13/2012 c13 Don'tStopMeNow
I have to say I freaked out when I saw the summary and I couldn't wait to read it. There were many times when I blushed and kept saying oh my god, how embarrassing.
1/5/2012 c13 1falling-into-fate
Aw, that was really cute. I enjoyed it a lot. ♥ Thanks for writing this delicious story. Yum.
1/5/2012 c3 falling-into-fate
LOLOMG. That ending. Lmao it made me burst out laughing. Nice! xD ♥ 

I love this so far!
7/13/2011 c13 3lost in pale blue
Finally! They are completely adorable and I'm glad they're finally on the same page :)
7/13/2011 c10 lost in pale blue
I know this story is now three years old, and I'm loving it, but a couple things confused me. This chapter, Mango mentions his hair being pink, but in the rest of the fic it's been blue. Also, in the previous chapter, he mentioned being a bottom, but earlier in the fic, he said he was a top.

Anyway, love both of them and look forward to them finally getting together.
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