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for A Wife's Appeal

5/29/2008 c1 15Zonne
Wow, that really touched something deep inside. What a prayer. What a fantastic closing line.

The only confusing factor to me was that "He's tried to serve You" line mixed in with what seems a hurtful lifestyle. We are all prone to 'something' and if we can't manage it, we aren't serving Him. Just a thought. You said it's based on a true story. It seems to me she is a very patient and forgiving person.

And very humble as well.

4/19/2008 c1 59Tranquil Thorns
What a tragic situation. The line 'He’s only 48' really punctuates that.

I really like the narration here, even though it is sad. The voice is believable and I feel for the situation. I'm actually reminded of a character in a book I have been reading lately, although the genre is fantasy and the plot entirely different.

Great job here. (:

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