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for Faces

7/1/2012 c1 Guest
Good poem!
4/18/2009 c1 56felicia13
This is a nice piece. I love the end. "and the only / remnant / of this harrowing event / is the gentle shaking / of my hands." Beautiful.

I'd like if the lines were longer. This has a really choppy feel right now and if it were smoother, I think the story would bring itself out more. The fear, the relief. Everything would be clearer.

But I really do like it.

1/31/2009 c1 19Burnt Bread
I completely understand. When you've eaten something that's off, chances are the poo is going to be painful.
5/5/2008 c1 44S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G
It flows. It draws the reader in. It's unusual, curious, and makes me wonder. It also has a quality that makes me fall in love with it. I can't pinpoint it, I'm not sure why, but whatever it is... it's good. Amazing, even.

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