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5/16/2008 c1 50Kristina Suko
I'm so sorry this happened to you! But glad that their lies were exposed and it didn't go on for longer than it already did. I hope it never happens again!

~MaranweT Telrunya
4/28/2008 c1 11BloodyWhiteRabit
Dude! this is freakin true . My best friends have been doing the same things for two years, and were not friends anymore. Holy crap i love it.
4/26/2008 c1 Keep Me Till Your Bored
This was so beautifully sad. It sucks your going through that sometimes your better off not hanging around ppl like them.
4/25/2008 c1 38xbreezex
omg dude wow

i didnt know anyone felt like this. I mean I knew of course but you know I didn't think what I was feeling could be put into words

"I’ve been trying for almost a year now to mend the broken pieces. But I can’t mend what I didn’t break"


I loved how str8 this was. And the possible Foo reference in the 4th stanza (maybe? maybe not. idk i guess i see foo references in everything ;).

But yeah I'm sorry your friends turned on you. It suks when the only people you thought would never leave you...do

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