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for The Prerogatives of Fate

5/9/2008 c9 21Faith Adeline
very cute ending. I hope he kills Karl, but that's just me. I'm prone to writing some violent scenes :) Keep it up and update soon.

5/9/2008 c9 pinkeclipse
ah! they kissed! im so happy they are getting closer! what is karl going to do? since he isnt going to go down quietly.
5/7/2008 c8 tobslytobby
this chapter was so sweet, can't wait for the next one. update soon.
5/7/2008 c8 989East-0f-Eden
wonderful, I can't wait to see what happens next. Don't keep me waiting so LONG! PLSE :)
5/6/2008 c8 pinkeclipse
he is so sweet! i wonder what he would do if someone tries to hit on her?
5/6/2008 c8 21Faith Adeline
good chapter. Couple things, thoughts don't need to be in quotes and again (I hate to sound like a broken record) I would combine the words. Just because it ruins the flow of the story to keep reading I am, I will. Otherwise than that, it's good.

5/6/2008 c7 1Diespedes
Its really good, a little abrupt in places (where the flow could be smoother) but still interesting and attention grabbing
5/2/2008 c7 tobslytobby
aw that last part was so cute. can't wait for the next chapter.
5/2/2008 c7 989East-0f-Eden
loved the part about her niece and nephrew and supremely loved the part about Arlan. I would love to see some more chapters on Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder and A Maid's Tale. Could you just finish a story please? I don't mean to be rude. I just want to see how they end up.
5/2/2008 c7 Lyra Waterflame
Aw... They're so sweet together! Please write more soon!
5/2/2008 c7 2Death the dentist
Your writing is really skilled it keeps you intrested the whole time, update soon!
5/2/2008 c4 Death the dentist
This story is amazing, good job.
5/1/2008 c7 pinkeclipse
aw cute! i like how she didnt remember his name! thanks for updating!
5/1/2008 c7 21Faith Adeline
Mk, good chapter. First off, thoughts are just in italics, there's no "" around them. And, I would dignify his language a little, because he has been sleeping for a couple centuries, so that's gonna make a difference in his language. Other than that, keep it up.

5/1/2008 c6 Lyra Waterflame
Aw... Cute!

Please write more soon!
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