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for The Prerogatives of Fate

7/8/2008 c20 1lostlotus
love it
7/7/2008 c20 21Faith Adeline
hmm, this was a bit too soap operaish for my tastes. I think you can take the fight scene a lot farther. Anyways, update soon.

7/7/2008 c20 989East-0f-Eden
Wow, that was lovely Lulu. But, isn't Arlan kind of like Karl in the way he abused Kadreena?
7/7/2008 c20 2Silly-girl15
good chap
7/3/2008 c19 4predict.this
Wow. It was a good idea to finally let us know something a bit more about Arlan. How's Lydia going to respond?
7/2/2008 c19 2Lady of Confusion
7/1/2008 c19 2Silly-girl15
good chap.
7/1/2008 c19 1CoopersGirl
I love this story so far. It's one of, if not THE best, vampire story I've read yet. It's not just a spinoff of Twilight, but has a completely different plot with strong characters. It's wonderful! I hope to read another update soon.
7/1/2008 c19 989East-0f-Eden
I hope you update again soon Lulu! :)
7/1/2008 c19 AndItMovesUsAll
wow, this story is great, i'm really getting into it!
7/1/2008 c19 2MamiPapi
wow interesting! I wonder how she will react to this new information about arlan?
7/1/2008 c19 1lostlotus
Ah we begin to see the into Arlan's past... amazing job
6/30/2008 c19 pinkeclipse
did he spend time with the woman who turned him?
6/30/2008 c19 21Faith Adeline
I liked seeing his past. Keep it up and update soon.

6/30/2008 c18 1lostlotus
i like it
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