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for The Prerogatives of Fate

6/30/2008 c18 pinkeclipse
yay! she is finally getting to know him and understand him better!
6/30/2008 c18 2Silly-girl15
good chap!
6/29/2008 c18 atreyu love
aww, hes living with her now ?

cute :D

&& karl is a dick. lol

6/29/2008 c13 atreyu love
thats my bday :D

&& did he leave Nina?
6/29/2008 c4 atreyu love
does that mean they can have lots of chosens?

because they cant have an immortal as a chosen

so their chosens must stay mortal... & they

will eventually die.
6/29/2008 c1 atreyu love
ohh, sounds really interesting :)

and karl sounds like an asshole.
6/29/2008 c18 989East-0f-Eden
great! You stopped so soon!
6/26/2008 c17 4predict.this
Layla kicks ass! Woo hoo! I love her so much!
6/26/2008 c17 2Silly-girl15
great chap!
6/24/2008 c17 pinkeclipse
i wouldnt expect any less!
6/24/2008 c17 2Lady of Confusion
6/24/2008 c17 1lostlotus
i like it
6/23/2008 c3 No Name 7429035
OMG I'm SO sorry I took forever to get back to this story! Um. . . weekends don't count! Since I'm rarely on on the weekends and when I am all I do is write for my stories. -.-;;

Erhm, now to the chapter.

Wow, for brother and sister they seem really. . . polite to each other. No teasing or anything. [longs for an older brother. . . a sweet one too. . . like kickass lol] Yeah, she shouldn't have to leave just cause her ex is stalking her. lol. I'd be like 'whatever! bitch comes near me or my duckies and I'll stick my foot right in his ass!'

Aw, I actually felt a bit sorry for Karl in this chapter =x weird.

Oh, is Layla his chosen? I bet cha she is! XD

On to the next chappie!
6/21/2008 c16 Bailey

I'm really enjoying this story. I think you've done alot with the plot.

The only critque that I have is about the character dialogue. It seems unbeliveable. I'm not sure if you talk like that, but I don't know anyone who speaks so properly.

All the 'do not' 'will not''s

Sorry, not to be mean.

But all in all I think the story is really great.
6/19/2008 c2 No Name 7429035
When I know my mom's pissed I'm afraid to enter my home. O.o Ha ha, her super. Nice.

Which one was her brother? The last two or was that Karl? Oh, nevermind she said Ronnie lol. I review as I read. We used to have an answering machine and get random calls lol. Now we just got our cell phones. -.-;; Nina is a cute name, lol.

Aww, does Karl actually love her? Or is he just possessive? I guess I shall find out soon. ^-^

good chappie.

Ja ne!
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