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for Shangrila

11/26/2008 c2 Guest
i absolutely loved this story! it was witty smart/ingenious! Reading Shangrila was like visiting a dream you know you're going to have to wake up some day but for now i hope it last forever! i loved this story (darn if only the English language had more words to express how much i love this story)!

And also thinks for letting anonymous reviews review this story! i am starting an account soon but not now...maybe later.
9/26/2008 c19 1teknikalitiez
Update soon!
7/11/2008 c1 3T.J.WIBBS08
Very interesting story in a very good way! The idea of a world where there is no hate and only happiness and good stuff like that is an ORIGINAL thought which could be in a very good use for your story. Overall good job! I really enjoyed! I want to go to Shangri-la! You are a good writer also and that combined with a fresh and interesting story make a book good enough to be published and enjoyed by many(I sure know I would enjoy it!) I also have a favor for you. I have a fantasy story and its called: The Secrets of the Lost Worlds Prologue. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF U DID.
5/25/2008 c4 Guest
this said complete on it, is it really finished?
5/17/2008 c3 5unsungwriter
I can't wait to read more. ^^ So far it sounds fascinating...of course, all your stories are fascinating and always seem to get me hooked. ^^
5/10/2008 c2 1Sourire
Yay! I like this- I wanna know more after reading it. Good job.
5/9/2008 c2 2Sixth
Nice chapter~

Shangrila in the eyes of a girl? Pretty thought~

4/29/2008 c1 Sixth
Sounds promising ;)

4/28/2008 c1 1Sourire
*squeals like a child* I liked it. It was very dreamy, and quite romantic. If you were to write something based on this, I'm quite sure I'd read it. Best of luck.

- Hemp Dahlia
4/28/2008 c1 Singular Angel
Beautiful. I really hope you continue this. It can go really far. The repeating of Shangri-la over and over made it seem almost poetic.

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