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1/27/2009 c1 23frogs of war
I really liked this and the story as a baby idea, but very few of mine are ever even nearly perfect when the last word is written. My last one, after I sighed with relief at having it complete it was handed back with a 'it's only a third as long as it should be' and 'that isn't a character, he's a plot device', so I'm stretching it out, pulling words apart, twisting phrases, changing points of view, until it is a perfect as I can make it and then something else will be pointed out that needs fixing.

I never give up hope on any of my stillborns. I never bury them. I have at least a half dozen that I'm actively not writing and twice that many that I passively ignore. Sometimes I can pick them up where I dropped them and sometimes they need to be entirely rewritten. One I started writing three times either to hit a wall or plot hole. But someday I will succeed.

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