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for Burdens We Bare

7/15/2008 c1 Eloquent-Marionette
HEY! wow, I haven't been on here in FOREVER! But I just happened to be on and saw you updated (dunno when) but I just HAD to read your new poem! Anyways, wow, I really can't tell you how timely this poem is! Now more than EVER it's important to realize that, no matter how much stuff we have to go through in life, we're in control of our own lives. And, to put that on other people is wrong. We're responsible for ourselves and we have to make our own choices. It's not easy, especially with this world going down the drain, but it's something you have to do. Thanks for reminding me of that. of course, I LOVED this poem and I have to say that I love how it rhymed and flowed really well together. (I've been having writers block for a while but I think this will help a lot in getting me back on track!) I miss you and hope everythings good down there! (*hugs*) Keep writing forever and always!
5/3/2008 c1 1Forgotten Shadow
Wow, i haven't checked out fp in a really long time, i didn't know you even still posted stuff on here! I was jus lookin back on all the old stuff i have saved to my computer and some of the stuff that everybody still has on here...It seems like so long since we all were on here and posting and reviewing each other's stuff. Well anyways, this poem was awesome! it flowed really good and i loved the last stanza!...It's nearly midnight right now and i'm bored so you're gonna get a long rambling review...lol. I took a 5-hr. nap today so i'm like hyper right now...steph is in mansfield right now for a build. I just texted her and Andrew replied that it was his time with her not mine...sigh, lol. Britney we need you back up here!lol. Well, i better stop rambling, ttyl and kw!
5/1/2008 c1 115Random-Idiocity
YAY! you posted, about time too, I was beginning to wonder. This was an excellent piece and very true. We all have our own burdens to bare and only we are responsible for our own actions. Hopefully you'll be able to keep writing cause I love new poems. But anyways glad to see you got at least one new one, and the new F.P. has changed and takes a while to get used to. But, yea hope to see more. Keep it Up!

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