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for Breaking Brian Deacon

3/22/2009 c24 8Veronica Kimble
(GAWK) your writing was amazing, but i cant believe you ended it like that! i know the whole happily ever after thing is really cliche. but i guess i was just so addicted to those. lol. you did an amazing job with writing this, and i hope you might change your mind later on and decide to write a happy ending =]
3/22/2009 c24 superficialSagacity
I agree with you that the ending does not have to end happily, because life often happens like this. But I don't think it's a very conclusive ending and it just seems to sort of hang there.

I loved this story, but it would be nice if you could, one day, revise the last chapter to make it more conclusive, or at least add an epilogue of some sort that gives it a more ending type of feel. Anyways, that's just my opinion...

All in all, another one of your great works.

3/22/2009 c24 1violet-eyez
any thoughts of having a sequel? so cool studying in Ireland all those guys with the wicked accent
3/22/2009 c24 1Maybreakmyheart
I think the ending was fine, sometimes love just doesn't work out and romance stories hardly ever stay real with that. But even tho the ending is sad i Loved it. Cause its realistic. Good job :D
3/22/2009 c24 1Fleeting Moment
I'm extremely disapointed in this at this point in time. Yes that was an...okay ending, but it could still have been happy. I would have liked to have known what happens to everyone else. The sad ending was fine. (though I would have loved a happy ending) This isn't a flame or anything, becasue I enjoyd this story greatly this is just my opinion on the end. Thanks for writing such and amazing story.

Sydney AKA Fleeting Moment
3/22/2009 c24 Ruby
Awee! I'm really sad that you are ending the story like this, but I do understand where you are coming from, and I'm sorry school has been so hectic. During the summer, when you said you were going to edit the story, are you going to do a Redux? Maybe in the Redux you can have Brian and Maggie together in the end. A part of me still feels unsettling about how it all come about. Best of luck for the future!
3/22/2009 c24 6summers-end
I'm okay with you ending it sadly but I think you chose a bad place to end. What I mean is, you had another chapter up where Brian and Maggie kept missing each other and people were keeping them apart. What I suggest is making that chapter the ending but tweaking the end so that after a while of no communication, one day randomly, Maggie meets this guy while mailing a letter to Brian and Brian meets this girl while leaving a message for Maggie at a party-or something to that extent. They've waited for each other but it didn't work. They could keep waiting but would they ever be together? And this new person...

The reason I suggest this ending is because in the one you have, Brian and Maggie are apart because their family is being difficult. I just don't see that as being realistic in this day and age, especially when they're supposed to go to college. Also, in some ways, this ending is written too much as a passionate cliffhanger and not as an end. Also, in my opinion, the worst way that romances can end is just fizzling out. Maggie and Brian were so caught up with each other-they LOVED each other-that for their romance to just...fizzle and end would be most heartbreaking. You know, if most heartbreaking is what you're going for :P

Besides all this, I thought that chapter was REALLY well written and put together with just enough hints and there were layers...it was a GOOD chapter. :D

I'm really happy for you that you're going further with your writing and I hope you post other stories!

3/22/2009 c24 Siti
I'm not logged in or anything because I'm lazy to but this has been an amazing fic and I understand about school. I hope you'll do well and I'll be waiting for another fic from you. (:
3/22/2009 c24 D. L. Cross
Oh well, the ending was really sad and realistic. It's not how I would have wanted it to end up; but Brian got broken in the end. Might I ask what the original ending might have been or the scenario that would have followed the interlude?

I'm looking forward to Forbidden Blood but thanks for writing such a wonderful story for me to read!
3/22/2009 c24 JZK
thats so sad - thye never got a happy ending

I get why you did what you did

the ending realy does fit the title even though its sad

I'll get over this eventually

But this story was really awesome

and I look forward to any possible future stories
3/22/2009 c24 D-Mish
I think this is a great story, but i dont think it ended well, and not because it wasnt a happy ending. It didnt really have a conclusion. I know you want to make it real life like, but the rest of the story wasnt so it doesnt really tye in.

Good job though, even if i dont agree with the ending
3/21/2009 c24 mary-pi
I can't hate you, cause I don't really know you.

But this is making me extremely sad. You, finishing the story like this.

I get what you're saying. That not all stories have a happy ending, I really get it. But.. agg I don't know.

This was one of the few stories I really really really liked here (FP), and I was hoping for a happy ending, an ending I would remember in a good way, not like this one. Because I'm sure I'm going to remember it.

Anyway... I know you probably don't care, but I respect your decision.

If this is for the best, then so be it.

Wishing you great things in the future,

3/21/2009 c22 heavengurl899
Ok... wow...I really hope you don't disappear all together because I really love your writing. I am NOT going to stone you though because I agree...not every romance ends "happily ever after". I hope you continue with Not Your Average Casanova though because that story looks like fun ;) haha regardless to what you think with your writing progression I believe you have progressed at least writing style-wise. I'm so glad we got to hear from you heehee I've missed your updates! Until the summer then :D
3/21/2009 c24 emily
well, damn.

i'm sad that this story has ended, but you are right.

all these stories on here always end with the whole "oh and they lived happily ever after"

yours didn't, which makes it that much better.

i hope you have a great time in Ireland, it is an incredible place.

have fun with writingg !


3/21/2009 c24 pretitiful

so sad. the ending. cant believe yu gonna end it like this but i understand. i completely understand. and i accept your decision.

so, thank yu for the lovely story yu have written. it was amazing. and yess. the story does fit with the title. sad that it has to end like this, but its all cool

have fun with your studying.


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