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for Breaking Brian Deacon

3/21/2009 c24 azlin-enabeh
Aww :(

This was one of the stories that actually made me cry, I understand that you were busy and all but seriously this story should be published and make it into the real world! This story is great and you are too! I must say that honestly, i was disappointed to see that this was not a real chapter update and reading it really upset me.

But good luck in school, your a great writer! And hopefully you can find the time one day to finish it as I will be waiting as always :)

From BBD's biggest, loyal and number 1 fan,


3/21/2009 c24 BlackMagicRealm not in
I really enjoyed BBD. I can't say that I'm happy that it ended like it did, but I understand it, and it really does fit the title. Thank you for telling the readers why, instead of just keeping us hanging. That says a lot about who you are as a writer.
3/21/2009 c24 chocochip7
aw thats too bad, though having the unhappy ending is pretty refreshing from all the over-sweet ones.

but if you do continue any of your other stories i hope you continue Not Your Average Casanova or welcome to the funhouse cause those were my favourites :P
3/21/2009 c1 welcome to meganland
It wouldnt let me review the last chapter, soo yeah... Im mad that you are ending it but i guess i understand. There was no happy ending this time, i guess ill just havvee to get over it...

Oh well, i guess bryan and maggie will never be together... Although dont you kind of wander what would happen if they met up again in the future. Or suddenly saw eachother within like a week of him leaving in stead of what actually happened... Or what if bryan found out about his dad! Ah, im so curious! I really wish you would give us our happy ending.

Im feeling nostalgic... This is the last review of BBD. Oh so sad.
3/21/2009 c24 15Elsie Maddox
Sometimes things like this have to happen. I hope all your readers understand (I know I do) that life takes up time. I actually find you admirable- ending your story, especially knowing what some reactions will be, is a brave thing to do. It's hard to let go of stories and characters, and giving them a rough ending is even harder. But hey, maybe they reunite at another time. You just aren't writing it.

More than anything, I want to thank you for writing BBD. It's a great story and brought a lot of joy to your readers (as cheesy as that sounds).

So good luck in school and with your health! Keep yourself in good condition for Ireland- I'm not sure if you've ever been there, but I went there two or so years ago and it is fantastic. Absolutely amazing. I'm fairly certain you'll fall in love and never want to leave.

And who knows... it might just spark another story idea. =)
3/21/2009 c24 8Emerald123
im sad now.
3/21/2009 c24 1Casfar
Aw, it's sad to see the story end like this but also, understandable (; But it's true, there aren't always happen endings in life and sometimes that's what makes a story great; being realistic. It was/is a wonderful story ! ;D Good luck with Ireland, that sounds extremely exciting. Sorry that school sucks up life, I bet that can be absolutely frustrating at times. Anyways, I'll be waiting for whatever you have in store for next time.
3/19/2009 c25 soaps'nsuds

hahaha, I thought the story's already finished that why I was really surprised when I read the last chapter. I was like, "what?".XD

I have an exam later and I still don't know a thing. It's so funny that I chose to finish this just so I would have something happy (I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS WOULD HAVE A HAPPY ENDING) to bring for the rest of the day.

Oh well.

Just know that you're doing an incredible job of ripping my emotions apart.:)) Hahaha. Wonderful story. I love your characters to pieces.:)
3/18/2009 c1 phuneral
Really good story. Can't wait to find out what happens next!
3/18/2009 c25 Alenor
oh my god, his dad and celeste got together and planned everything so they'd never get in contact with each other! why on earth would celeste nick her phone? she's a terrible aunt, god what a bitch! i can't wait for more though, update soon please? ~ Alenor
3/15/2009 c25 4WhataLovelyPenName
I love love love this story! I hope you can get some time to update soon, but I know how hard that can be to come by. :)
3/11/2009 c14 77A Sweet Escape
I was wondering if this line could be symbolic or if you ment this to be symbolic, rather, "Moonlight streamed in through the window, making a huge white stripe across my comforter. I could see dust particles floating past and blew out a breath, stirring the air and causing them to disperse. Satisfied, I leaned back into my pillow and sighed."

I was thinking it might be symbolic because, first of all, you have the light which is a symbol for truth or things revealed and then you have the dust that seems to be drifting steadily and surely and then Maggie blows it and stirs the air and dust which kind of parallels her life because she was always avoiding Brian and trying to ignore him and then she gives him a chance and she changes the way she "sees" him and things become different so the air isn't falling the same way like her life was before, but, instead, stirring it like her new life where she recognizes Brian.

Just wondering about that. Love your story :)

3/11/2009 c13 A Sweet Escape
I absoluetly adore your story :]

One thing though, you say, "'If Gretchen thought I was having sex with Brian, she had another thing coming.'" I know it sounds weird, but "thing" should actually be "think" because you don't have another "thing" coming if its just a "thought" in the first place, plus that's how the saying actually goes.

J'adore your story though!

3/10/2009 c25 ily
i am crying in my little corner.

please, please, PLEASE

start posting part 2!
3/9/2009 c25 1SheRomantic4EverLove
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