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for Breaking Brian Deacon

2/27/2009 c25 6Onessa Vanessa
Okay, So just read this story in a day, and I LOVE it. and i can see that it's been over a MONTH since you poste anything, asnd normally I don't start reading stories if it's not either completed or updated a lot, and Now i think I might just die, even if you are super busy with life in general, I really think you should keep posting! thanks, your story is awesome, But until you post, I guess I'll just have to check out your other stuff, but seriously. PLease post soon!

2/27/2009 c25 Lady SilverTear
WTH? NO! Yesterday I stayed up until 4:30 AM only to be left feeling awful! Please don't leave us at this... Besides I can come up with a million (OK, that's a bit exaggerated) ways for her to reach him which makes this ending even more unfair! Please continue/rewrite this story!

I know I sound dramatic, haha. But you left me bad mood.
2/21/2009 c2 6RinHattori
Cute, though it is a bit generic.
2/19/2009 c2 7Serafina Claremond
Dude, you're harshing my mellow. You can't stop now. Leaving them at this point DOES make sense, but it would just hurt. Having Brian and Maggie be over isn't meant to be.

Just voicing my opinion,

2/18/2009 c3 77A Sweet Escape
This is actually pretty funny. Gotta love Brian...

On to the next chapter-

2/16/2009 c25 1EvilSeaHorsey
Honestly, I might cry if you don't finish this story. I think Brian and Maggie deserve to get back together..

Seriously this is ruining my otherwise good mood. Even if it takes 4 months for updates or a year to finish Part Two, I'd wait..

This is my hands-down favourite story going right now, and some parts of it have actually helped in the real world with some of my own guy issues. Come on..

He tried so hard and for so long to not let those douchebags ruin it.. :/

Bleh, I wish you'd reconsider, as depressing and repetitive some of the chapters might get to clear things up, before you go back and edit, I wanna see what happens..

Here's hoping.

ah addicted to your story and its left with them not talking? ohh this is sad! great story though :) update soon!
2/15/2009 c24 Sacred flower
omg...no...that just sincerely just crushed my mello...I dpn't know why I said that...ok yeah i wanted to say something stupid and laugh at myself because I feel like crying...ops...to late...a tear just made its course out ofmy eye and is now rolling down my cheak...I can't believe that she did that...stupid Brains dad, and ugh...just stupid...I hope that the story later on gets better...even if it doesn't...I'm still going to probably read it hoping for a happly ever after and if it ends badly probably cry...which is no joke, I'm a sucker for sad love stories...when I sae the Titanic I bawled my eyes out...I know pathetic, but what can I say...
2/15/2009 c25 Sacred flower
Stupid Celeste...I HATE HER...I HATE HER...have i mentioned that I HATE HER!...gr...it won't let memake more then one exclamtion mark and more r's...and even if I do the stupid messaging thingy will take them away...but anyways gr(100 more r's added to the gr) I hope that their able bump into each other somwhere...anywhere...and by the way the gr(s) are aimed at celeste...
2/14/2009 c13 Sacred flower
Yay...she has finally fallen...I LOVED THIS CHAPTER...and since you said that you lovd guesses here goes...I'm thinking that either Brians dad is Maggies dad...and he isn't really brians dad...or Maggies mom dated brians dad before when he was already married...I can't decide...
2/13/2009 c25 DESPERATE
please! you cannot just leave the story like that... without any form of epilogue. at least you owe us that.. haha.. please? il be sending some love your way if you do update! haha. im desperate please CONTINUE the story
2/10/2009 c25 6elleith
Okay so I'm finally up to date with this story, it only took me about a month but I get distracted easily...

Anyway, this is the type of story that makes me laugh, smile, and want to cry. I love it. ^^
2/10/2009 c25 rachelaine
Ah! I want them together, this is so sad. :(

Update soon. :D
2/8/2009 c25 3Amarantis
Hey, I really liked this. It's heart wrenching and nice reading over their letters, voice mails, and text messages, which sadly never get through to the receiver.
2/7/2009 c25 13blurrylights
I can't believe Celeste took her phone away. How could she do something like that? That's just wrong...they must be so upset right now. And why aren't they getting each others letters? Mr. Deacon is insane, if he went to those measures to stop Brian from staying in contact with her. I feel so sad right now.
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