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2/7/2009 c24 13blurrylights
Ohh...I am so sad. I just feel so terrible for Brian. I HATE his father. So so much. And I feel really bad for Maggie too. That must have been so hard for her!

Part 2 should go like this:

Brian realizes what his evil father was up to

They rush back to be together with one another

Evil father gets run over by a herd of cattle

Nice mother remarries

Celeste leaves the country

Maggie and Brian get married!

2/7/2009 c23 blurrylights
I don't know how I missed these updates! Ugh, I'm sorry. :)

Anyway, I HATE MR. DEACON! I don't think it's healthy to hate someone so much who's not even real. Poor them...poor them. They tried so hard.
2/7/2009 c25 1I'mbacktoyou
hope you update son. :) i like your story very much. :D
2/3/2009 c2 the face behind the mask
i like your story so far, just started reading it, but i did notice that in the library as Maggie was talking about Gretchen not having sex until marriage, she was reaching for leftover pizza then like 10 lines later she starts eating a sandwich. not major but i tend to notice some of the little things and so do some others so it may be something, to just quickly skim over the chapters before posting. good job though, lol moving on to the next chapter
2/2/2009 c25 Ab
Oh my god!

I started reading this story earlier today after school around 5pmish and couldn't stop reading!

Which led me to here at 11:53 pm finally up to date with the story.

I must say that I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this story. If you don't become hysterically famous later in life I will doubt every good thing I've believed in my life!

Unlike most of my generation I love to read, romance stories especially. And it's been a long while since I've found anything that's made me cry and feel the ache in my heart as the characters in the story have felt. So I have to say thank you. As much as it hurts and is fairly uncomfortable, I love that ache. It's the kind of ache that you wouldn't give up for anything else in the world. So again, I thank you for that.

It saddens me when I read that you have a heavy schedule for school and your three separate jobs.. not only because that means you won't be able to post as often but also because someone like you with your ability to make people ache (in the good way) should be free to do as they wish. But alas life is unfair.

I swear I'm not kissing ass or anything but I really would just like to thank you and to say keep up the good work. :)

Major major major kudos.

As this is the first story of yours that I've read, I shall now go imerse myself in your other stories that I'm sure are just as captivating as this one.
2/1/2009 c24 prettyinpinkandblack
ok...this review is actually for the last chapter so far...why doesn't brian just call his mutual friends with maggie...like gretchen, dam, greg, etc.? this way he can find out about her through them...dang i totally hate brian's dad and celeste so much! lol...great story though so far! can wait for the update...oh and by the way, greg and gretchen sound like a cute couple...if they were to ever actually get together you know.
1/31/2009 c25 19lrazorbladel
Just read the whole story at one shot. I love the way you write and despite the fact that I simply didn't like Maggie at the start, I feel terribly sorry for her now. It's ridiculous what Celeste (if it's really her) is doing to tear them further apart. D: But my hopes are raised because there's going to be a part two! It's probably worth the wait so this is going into my story alert. :D

All the best!
1/31/2009 c25 prettyinpinkandblack
oh MY gOsh!...what is going on! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I CANT WAIT!
1/31/2009 c25 heavengurl899
oh this is just awful! haha you're such a tease!
1/29/2009 c1 theaterfreak791
Ah! Please update son dying to find out what happens!
1/29/2009 c25 9Jkgiggle
this is really cute! one of my favs, but you already knew that. something that has occured to me... this vaguely reminds me of The Notebook. was it supposed to be that way, or it just some weird couincidence... anywho, can't wait for the next chapter
1/29/2009 c1 5jessica finley
hey just thought you should know i really liked this story i have my own and i would really appreciate it if you could read and review


1/28/2009 c25 1checkyesdana
I just read all of part one. its so amazing. the interlude broke my heart. over a year? i want to cry. this is amazing. well written and unique and interesting. loves it.
1/28/2009 c25 76cm


And this chapter's been up for ELEVEN days and I haven't been able to read it because MY INTERNET BROKE. TRAGEDY.

Can you tell I'm a wee bit high on coffee-with-four-sugars?

But this is totally awesome, despite being completely heartbreaking. AND I'M NOT EVEN IN THE STORY!

I think I'd better go now. Way too many capitals for one message.

Love you



PS. Don't worry about new chapters quickly. I am also very snowed under with work, and may not have time to read them, however much I may want to.

THEN AGAIN when I stop courseworking and have FREE TIME I can read LOTS.


Leaving now.
1/28/2009 c25 azlin-enabeh
omg i love this story so much, it was the only one that has ever made me cry! please update soon!
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