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for Breaking Brian Deacon

1/17/2009 c25 3KiraLove
Celeste is keeping Brian from her! Poor poor Maggie!

-Kira Love
1/17/2009 c25 chocochip7
ugh! i hate it when parents/relatives get in the way!

they both kept trying so hard to contact each other, it's so sad :(
1/17/2009 c25 6summers-end
What's going on? Why aren't they getting each others letters or messages? Are their friends and family supposedly trying to protect them by blocking their communication? Argh... my heart practically broke reading their messages to each other.

I totally understand you're busy (my semester is pretty full too) but please update as soon as you can with Part II.

1/17/2009 c25 Sel
I like this format for this chapter!

I really like how you wrote this chapter!

Oh my goodness I'm going to kill his dad and her aunt, they're so crazy... well they're also fictional...

I reall liked this chapter
1/17/2009 c25 1glamoureste
Ah... you better update quickly!

This chapter's so sad :[
1/17/2009 c25 4auburnfusion
Gasp! It's a very different format, but I think it's sort of a nice refreshing change of pace.

I bet Celeste has been hogging all of Maggie's letters... and Brian's. And the phone line... man that manipulative bitch.

So, just to clarify, are they both in Wisconsin now?

Kind of sad that part one is over now, but looking forward to part two. Keep up the amazing work, as usual!

1/17/2009 c25 19toffeecakesxox
that's so sad! Celeste and Mr. Deacon are almost the same person, just different... genders.

I really do hope Mags and Brian get back together - whatever it takes.

-toffeecakesxox. :)
1/17/2009 c25 7Silencia
Why don't they get eachothers mail? It's kinda... sad that they keep missing eachother... and Brian could try calling her home... or atleast one of his friends, so he can get her home number... oh well!

Grtz Silencia, whom enjoyed the chapter!
1/17/2009 c25 adnama3121
Wait, I don't understand why none of their messages are getting through, what's goin' on?

Over a year huh? That's a long time.

Celeste and Brian's dad (can't remember his name) should be ashamed of themselves.

1/17/2009 c25 VirginiaVortex
I was going to send you a PM asking about the next chapter, but BAM. There it was in my inbox. This chapter makes me really sad for poor Maggie and Brian. It also allows me one more person (besides Brian's butthole of a 'father') to hate-Celeste. Deep down, I always knew I hated her.
1/17/2009 c25 cosmopolitan
OH great idea! fantastic job with this, as if there wasn't enough drama to begin with... i have to admit, i'm still sort of rooting for Bryan's dad and mom, is that weird? i somehow just hope he'll be able to pull his head out of his ass[or the sand, whichever analogy you may prefer] and see what's right before him, see what he was blind to b/c he was so desperately clutching onto he past...
1/17/2009 c25 1blondiexoxo
omg so mean u have to make us wait

i really want them back together
1/17/2009 c5 1sherbetsi
So iv finally got round to reading this.

and im absolutely kicking myself for not having done it already. its really good so far.. and well i couldnt resist the urge to review on this chapter after seeing it was posted on my birthday.. i always knew the date was special.. haha after all it is the date maggie finally agrees to attend one date with brian, which incidently is my dad's name and my friends boyfriend's name.. so im enjoying..

il probably do another review once i get to the end of what you written so far.. XD

sian x
1/16/2009 c24 kberiblu
I'm in absolute love with this story. and i really hope that you update and start on Part two. please please please. thanks so much for the enjoyment : D
1/16/2009 c24 10Aurora Corona
Oh my God.

What a heartwrenching chapter.

PLEASE make everything better in the next chapter! (which hopefully will be updated soon!)

And it'll be another 15 chapters before they finally end up together for good... :(

I love Brian, and I feel so sorry for Maggie...


I can't even form the right words to describe my hatred for him.

Please update real soon, this ended at a really sad note.

Oh Gosh, my eyes are tired from reading this for four hours straight. You've got impressive writing skills.


curse the stars
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