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7/22/2009 c1 3Im Just Mlssundaztood
I just got to say, I love this plotline and it is sad that the story has to be taken down so that other people don't steal it. It is sad to have to be scared of posting ANYTHING on here knowing that if it's good people are going to try to steal it.

I posted a story on another site and had about 42,0 words posted. I worked hard on it and I used my OWN ideas for it. I knew it wasn't the best but it was my OWN work. I didn't get plagerized word for word. But

1)the person posted months AFTER me

2)Same name of main female character

3)Most of the same situations (noncliqe ones)

4)used a lot of the same jokes and phrases that I have made up

5)she acused me of stealing her work

I ended up taking all chapters down except for the first one. I have NO desire to keep writing it. She has been finished with her story before I got to see it because she updates often. I had no idea what to say at first because I was angry and I didn't want to say things I didn't mean and make myself seem like a childish brat who only whines. A 19-year-old stole my work that I wrote when I was 14. She ended up finishing the story kinda where I left off. She had tons of reviews for her story. I don't get why people plagerize stories. Do they get the satisfaction of getting praise for work that's not their own?

I once plagerized a report in seventh grade because I didn't have enough time to do that and multiple other projects in all one 3 day weekend. So I switched things around to have it have MY voice but I ended up feeling bad enough turning it in. I felt even worse when I got extra credit for having the best essay.

I told the teacher a couple days latter that I plagerized and I deserved an F for the project. That was the first and last time I've ever plagerized. It never made me feel good to claim other people's work. I even went online to the place where I found it and apologized to the REAL Author who wrote it. I was expecting to be (w)itched out but supriseingly he called me mature enough to admit my mistakes and to actually apologize. I honestly did not deserve his kindness and I don't think I really realized how horrible it feels to be plagerized until it happened to myself.

The teacher told me to do the report but the best grade I could get was a C. That didn't stop me and I did it. It messed with my GPA but it was better than a F.

Me and a few of the other people who spotted the story that the 19-year-old plagerized wrote long reviews telling her off. I had some time to think about it and YEAH, I was still angry, if not more than before. But I controlled it and didn't resort to cussing her out on the internet.-How do random people get off on unjustly cussing somebody off on the internet, you're just some nameless face on the internet-

She ended up taking it down but nothing has changed. I loved my ideas and was excited to write my story but now it's gone. All inspiration is gone. I feel bad and I know I shouldn't let her stop me from writing but I just can't.

I took down my chapters back in January. I really hope I can get back into writing more for it. But for now, I guess it's just a reminder that it IS there and it WAS plagerized.

I didn't think I had to worry about plagerism. I'm not trying to sound modest her or anything or fishing for compliments. But the truth is, english is my SECOND language. I didn't start learning until 6 years ago. I rush my plot to fast, I give out too many details that makes it predictable, I use too many cliques. But it was MINE. I wrote it. And that was special enough to me. Cause no matter how much good or bad it was I have improved in the year and a half I have been writing. And I was proud of that.

I know there are always people who are going to be better than you at things. I have accepted that but that doesn't mean you have to steal.


So to end this long review. I am going to try and get on your live Journal things. Cause those little pieces of each chapter telling us WHAT happened isn't really satisfing me. I mean, sure I'll give your credit for at least letting us know WHAT happens. And nobody can plagerize THIS now. But the downside is the readers who ONLY read don't get to enjoy the full story that you intended.

If I am able to be so bold, what exactly happened to Myrika's story that somebody tried to publish?

-You were never ever there
7/8/2009 c1 7Blithe smilE
I'm really sorry that this happened to you and your friends...i have no idea what the feeling is like because I have never (knock on wood) gone through plagerizism and if my stories are elswhere...I have no idea...again I'm really sorry and I was really looking forward to reading this stroy it sounds great and the first chapter was really well written...very funny :D

I hope that everything goes well with all future writtings and what not :D

Blithe smilE
7/2/2009 c5 InsideMyRainbowEyes
Wat the hell is wit the short goddamn chaps, at least make them longer oh my fucking god!
6/14/2009 c24 lildevil123
i read your author's note on breaking brian deacon and i COMPLETELY agree with u...plagiarism is the worst thing you can do to a writer. ive tried writing and it is SO DIFFICULT..to think of the perfect way to put across an idea and i get so pissed if i cant find that perfect illusive way to put it down; to continue writing when ur so SICK of the story ud rather stop (i hav stopped with a lot of my crappy lil stories, but im trying to do just this one story of mine); to get an awesome plot in the 1st place...

well yeah, they say writing is a leisure pastime thing, but its NOT. its real HARD WORK. and if someone comes along and takes your baby from you into which uv put so much tym and effort, for their own profit, when uv done it for FREE on fp, i say MURDERIZE em!

how do u plan to stop plagiarism?im joining forces with u guys and joining livejournal...and if i ever see a story plagiarised, ill b sure to tell ya...

anywayy ROCK ON! write loads! =D
6/7/2009 c24 KittyKatLover
I was wondering why the chapters got so short... haha I should have guessed something was up.

Oh well I suppose. How exactly do I find this LJ community?
6/7/2009 c24 4menace in training
I'm really sorry to hear this is happening to you too - so far, four of my favourite writers (you included) have been plagiarized. I hope it's okay if I add you on LJ, I'm not much of a writer myself, but I really enjoyed reading your story and also have read a few stories by Angels and Effects.

I'll let you know if I see any other plagiarism :)

Rooting for you!

6/6/2009 c23 2akaCHEEKS
no! not you too! all of my favorite authors on fp are getting plagiarized! man! i need to create a liverjournal and follow you guys! i love reading your works! and believe me when i say i have never even tried to copy your works whatsoever. i respect you guys for creating something as unique as your stories!
6/5/2009 c1 16FOWLKON
Awsome story, I laughed, I cried, I absolutely loved this story. It kind of put some aspects of my life into perspective to and I can deal. The story feels so realistic. Not really the textbook fairy tail ending everyone wanted, but hey that's the risk of making any story realistic. Anyway, great job, epic story, something tells me there might be a continuation.
6/5/2009 c24 elmo'z bff
oh. lol. woopsie daisyz :D
6/5/2009 c10 elmo'z bff
i get this strange feeling that there is more to this story that is kumn up...?
6/5/2009 c24 1claretmadeira
Aw. Poor Sammy. I used up all my ranting on Louisa's A/N, so I'll save it and just say that I'm really sorry this had to happen to you guys. It must be excruciating. DX

I'll definitely be following/probably requesting to join the LJ community the instant I turn fourteen. I'll be looking forward to that. c:
6/5/2009 c1 JuuuuzMe-713
for some reason, I've never actually read any of your stories before I stumbled upon this one yesterday. the 1st chapter was great and got me all braced to read the second one, so imagine my surprise when it was cut off, lol. it's ridiculous how ppl are stealing work trying to pass it as their own, ppl juz don't have morals these days, geez... anyway, i'd love to read the rest of this story, as well as ur other stories and those of ur writing peers, so i'll definitely follow u guys in ur LJ Community! =)
6/4/2009 c24 Hear Harmony
That's absolutely terrible. People are ridiculous. Honestly stupid. I'm so sorry to hear this! Sure thang though, I'll be joining that LJ community, mmk? See ya!
6/4/2009 c2 11FreedomsConstraints

This story has really caught my eye and I like it so far, but it seems like the chapters are cut off. I'm not sure if this is intentional, or if FP is just screwing up or something.. but I really want to read more!

6/4/2009 c24 blue
We love you too! Your fics are amazingly well written. I hope you sort out everything.
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