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5/12/2009 c24 2dutchess123
ok i read the note and if you think that it is your duty as a wrighter to inform us of reality than that is silly maybe some reads who are very painfully reminded of reality like to escape it by reading happy endings thank you very much! and sorry i got a little caried away but it kinda irks me! well good day to you!
5/12/2009 c1 dutchess123
the end of this story sucked harry lemons it was so sad i hate sad story authors should put up a warning sad ending beware but other than that the ending it was pretty good!
5/11/2009 c24 1little-red-bag
This story was very nicely written. I'd teared up when Maggie had to break up with Brian; it was truly heartbreaking. While I understand that the story has concluded, it feels incomplete. Perhaps an allusion to Brian and Maggie can be made with a sequel about Gretchen. We can find out whether Maggie and Brian are still apart or perhaps they have overcame the obstacles between them and stayed together. I see great potential with a pairing between Gretchen and Greg. They have unrealized attraction between them. Keep up the good work; I look forward to reading more of your creations. Have fun in Ireland; I heard that it's very beautiful out there.
5/10/2009 c24 Wonderful
Oh ouch.

New reader.

Your note breaks MY heart.

Haha ok sorry for the joke.

Though what you're saying does make sense since the story is titled "BREAKING Brian Deacon"..it still sucks a little.

But perhaps you could do a 10 years later epilogue or something? Just to silence all questions of "will they ever get back together?" or "what if she changes her mind?" etc.

Ah well I'm hopeful.

But whatever goes I guess.

You're amazing at writing and I have to commend you on this story! Even if it does disappoint a little at the end. ;)
5/9/2009 c1 KK
Aw, why did the ending have to be so sad? It's still a great story though. And I loved how she found her Valentine's Day Invitation at the very end. Also, it sounds like you had plans for them to get together again in part two, so that's a happy thought.

This story is really well written. I wanted to read something a little bit happier after I finished it, but I couldn't find anything on fiction press that had the same high quality writing as Breaking Brian Deacon. I look forward to reading what you write in the future. Good luck with your writing!
5/7/2009 c24 nevershoutnever
5/2/2009 c8 145young and the reckless
So, it's horrible of me to wait til now to review, but your story is fantastic. Which seems to be an understatement, considering the number of your reviews.

And I just have a quick question for you, I noticed the mention of Rice Lake in chapters previous, but thought nothing of it until I read the part about Brian wearing a Wisconsin sweatshirt...piecing all this together...would this story happen to be taking place in Rice Lake, Wisconsin?

Because if so, it's a very small world.
5/1/2009 c23 aww
why cant u have a happy ending!

just a small unofficial one so i dont have to sit here thinking about how sad everything is!

but it was still a great story...

btw. it would be good if you put more of the past in...then i would know more about the story, i mean maggie suddenly decides to be friends with brian because gretchen talked to her? anyways i still love it and i can honestly say it was my fav story of all the ones at fictionpress!
4/28/2009 c3 Michelle Roanna
Hey, we're just some bored students from Sydney who were reading this story and we LOVE it! Hoopefully, you are typing up a new story.

With love,

Michelle and Roanna
4/24/2009 c24 3bumblee bee

this is such a good story plz plz start the sequal!

get stiry i love DAN! lol well plz put a sequal up!

love bee
4/23/2009 c24 1silentscream4luv
This was a really good story, even though when I seen that they broke up at the end. It was like being a kid and watching a scary movie then being scared right before you go to bed so you have to watch cartoons to get that out your head. I wanted to go and read another story to forget that ending and imagine my own. All though it was a very good ending. I was hoping you'd have an epiloge or something that said they got back together. I really hope there will be one. If not that kid wasted 13 and half years of his life. Remember what he said. THEY'RE SOUL MATE! Don't harsh their mellow. Again. Great story.
4/22/2009 c5 Xani
Erica WithThe Stank Breath is my my favorite line in the song
4/21/2009 c3 1Harlee Rae
Yay! first kiss! whee!
4/21/2009 c1 Harlee Rae
4/21/2009 c24 alice
Dearest Sammy,

I would really like to say i enjoyed everything about your story.. i did love some parts about it- the initial humor, quirky romance, which is entirely the reason why oi read this whole story under a day.. seriously, i rushed home from school just to finish this.. However, though i'm not going to stone you.. i really need to say i was extremely disappointed.. THOUGH i have no right to be seeing that it is YOUR story..

BUT i really wanted to see brian and maggie have their good ending! if not a satisfactory closure.. and they didn't- it ended like a rope just been hacked, not knot- nothing..

all in all, kudos to your writing, it has been an amazing ride.

i hope you'll write something that stays true to the romance/humor genre and that it'll keep me laughing till the end.. will be looking out for all your work

all the best
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